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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by vespt, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. vespt

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    For now I have this code:

    Shield of Honor  unfinished
            Unit - A unit Is attacked
            ((Attacked unit) has buff Shield of Honor ) Equal to True
            Unit - Set life of (Triggering unit) to ((Life of (Triggering unit)) - ((Damage taken) x (0.20 x [COLOR="Red"]1.00[/COLOR])))
    And I would like to substitute the red part by the level of the abilitie that put the buff at the target.

    Should i creat 4 diff buffs and 1 trigg for each or there is an easier way?
  2. FireBladesX

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    A way that I use for non-MUI maps is that I set the custom value of the Target Unit of Ability Being Cast when I initially place the buff to the Level of Ability for Triggering Unit. That way it stores the level of the ability. However, this only works if you don't use custom values anywhere else of relevance.

    So then, it might look like this.

    You avatar made me lol, btw :D
  3. vespt

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    ty :D
  4. vespt

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    1 quertion...

    Unit - Set life of (Triggering unit) to (([B]Life of (Triggering unit[/B])) + ((Damage taken) x (0.20 x (Real(SH_lvl)))))
    The bold part reffers to after the attack or before?

    thx in adv
  5. Carl-Fredrik

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    Ehh... good question, I think after since the trigger activates when a unit is attacked but I can't be sure :eek:
  6. Draphoelix

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    It refers when the unit is going to attack, when he plays the animation,

    If you got a trigger like

    A unit is attacked
    Order attacking unit to stop

    The attacking unit will stop before the unit is being damaged, so it's before.

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