Triggers - Introduction To Triggers

Discussion in 'Tutorial Repository' started by WolfieeifloW, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. WolfieeifloW

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    Fixed it up.
    I've checked and it now displays properly on the WET site (except for the smilies) .
  2. HeroZ

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    i am a noob at editing maps but i didnt understand anything there ..
  3. WolfieeifloW

    WolfieeifloW WEHZ Helper

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    What parts didn't you understand?
    "anything" isn't really specific so I can't try to help you.
  4. Darthfett

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    The first step to reading the tutorial was to open the world editor. Did you do that?
  5. staticfrog

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    Thanks a lot!!
    This is a great guide for newbies like me, good job!
  6. HydraRancher

    HydraRancher Truth begins in lies

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    This made me laugh, surely the Shaking would be a CONDITION, the opening is the Event.

    Great tutorial, I was wondering why we didnt have this kind of thing.
  7. Palmoleum

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    Awesome Tutorial!

    Awesome tutorial! :thup:

    A really helpful guide/tutorial for new users of the Warcraft III WE! I've for long wanted to create my own Warcraft III maps to play with my friends and such, and this tutorial showed me the amazing world of crating triggers. I thank you very much for taking your time to write this. Your guide is easy to understand and it's very well structured (at least I think so, hehe). I'm going to recommend this guide to my fellow War III WE newbs :D
  8. jou sung

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    SIR im a newbie now 2013. i know this is too old for a reply to put but i just want to say about my problem. Footmens aren't the only on spawning every 1.5 sec T.T also Peasants spawn every 1.5 sec. the ttriggers i made was very correct. I don't know where is the problem in my triggers. and btw, not just 1 peasant spawn , i think 3-4 peasants T.T
    btw. sorry if my grammar sucks. too bad in english T.T

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