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Yes, but it's no loss really, not much was done at all. anyway since I don't want multiple versions of the map, if you make it then post here saying you will, or if nobody wants to then work is suspended until I get a chance to work on all this again. (probably only a week from now, so not too bad)


From the depths, I come.
Unfortunatly, there are too many things going on for me now, so I can;t work on it much, if at all. you guys can decide who will take over, or else i guess it will just have to wait until i can get things straight, sorry for letting this thing die guys, was looking good until the stuff started happening (namely school :banghead: )


From the depths, I come.
Its sleeping, how long? who knows. If anyone else want to take charge, feel free. just make sure to post and tell everyone.


I would take full charge, but im afraid Im wrapped up in a few other projects as well as my own. (ColorZ Hunter V.1.3)

I would gladly be co-organizer for now if any one want to partner up?


True Roleplaying Resurrection

It is truly sad that this project has died, AgentPaper... however, I am very interested in it. If it would not be too great a burden, I would like to join the group and help bring life into this map - I am a terrainer, and am creative (not bragging), often terraining maps on a whim. Also, I could give ideas and balances, making it completely open-ended and diverse. Although I "may" shun from the idea, I would be fine with taking over/organizing the project. AgentPaper, I can send you a few sample images of my work by email if you would like.

Included is an overview of what the basic terrain would be, with some realism added (Bitmap attachment). As is how it should be, one one side of the large mountains lies the lush rainforest that recedes into forest, and on the other side is a barren desert waste. Human civilization always began near a fresh water source, which is the major river in the world, and is connected to the ocean for it's bounties. Humans would also not regularly reside in a single area, so a few sub towns are included, and around each town/city there is farmland (yellow). If the upper section nears the northern axis, then eventually it would freeze over and become glacier. Also, forests cling to the rivers, which makes sense, as plants require fresh water to survive. In the south there are more forests, as the runoff water from the southern mountains forms rivers and allows for plant growth. The south is also the untamed land, with only a few minor settlements. In the center of the map, I am considering there to be different human kingdoms, that may be at war, allowing the player to sway the battles and achieve higher status with their chosen faction.

Color Guide:
Yellow = Farmland
Green = Plain
Gray = Civilization (Cities, Hamlets, Villages, Towns, etc.)
Light Gray = Road
Blue = Ocean/River/Lake
Tan/Light Brown = Mountain
Dark Green = Forest
Light blue = Icy Waste
Light purple = Glacier
Dark blue/Green = Rainforest

A little bit about each terrain, considering a level max of 50:
City: The cities are focal points of trade and knowledge, where players can train, become expert, etc. (Fighting Level 0-1 Most of the time)
Farmland: Low level fighting areas, with quests sprinkled around the farms.
Low level brigands/the occasional realistic monster may be found here. (Fighting Level 1-5 New player lands)
Plain: Just grassland, higher level brigands might be found scouring the land, also, plains-roaming monsters could be found there. (Fighting level 5-15 for players just out of farmlands)
Forest:Thick and dense woods, perfect for ambushes, players may be able to chop down the trees for resources. (Fighting level 8-17 Another beginner terrain)
Mountains:Few paths can be found into the mountains, and are hard to traverse, but are rich in resources. (fighting level 20ish-30 intermediate mostly)
Desert:Barren and harsh, players may have a negative aura when in desert terrain. (fighting level 20-40, the deeper into the desert players go, the tougher the monsters become)
Rainforest:Dense and think woods, many rivers cross through it, it has a very diverse number of species. ( fighting level 20-45, rarely 45-50, a very wide range of monsters live in the rainforest, for the most part the deeper you go into the forest, the tougher the monsters become)
Icy Waste:Hard to traverse, players will most likely have a negative aura on them when they are in icy waste terrain. (fighting level 40-50, very tough monsters thrive in the icy waste)
Glacier:Almost impossible to traverse, players would definetly have a negative aura on them. (fighting level 45-50+ the toughest monsters and bosses can be found in the glacier)

Ideas I currently have for the map are that players can join different factions and wage war, become merchants and trade between areas, buy/build a home in either designated town areas or in areas classified as unexplored/not owned by anyone, perhaps construct camps that give healing/mana. Ideas for hero class names are:
Human: Mercenary (Warrior), Holy Paladin (Priest), Wizard (Mage), Thief (Rogue), Longbow Archer (Archer)
Night Elf: Huntress (Warrior), Priestess of Elune (Priest), Druid (Mage), Shadow Huntress? (Rogue), Ranger (Archer)
Orcs: Grunt (Warrior), <Noname yet> (Priest), Shaman (Mage), Blademaster (Rogue Type), Crossbowman (Archer)
Undead: Skeleton Warrior (Warrior), Dark Priest (Priest), Lich (Mage), Shade (Rogue), Skeleton Archer (Archer)
Troll:Axe Troll (Warrior), Voodoo Priest (Priest), Shaman (Mage), Troll Sneaker (Rogue), Spearthrower (Archer)

A few questions also... Firstly, if you include all these races, will their be different race towns, or will race not determine faction, and would all the players start out in the same city? Secondly, will race determine any class abilities/stats, or just have different models and racial reactions?

That's all I feel like typing at the moment.



From the depths, I come.
Sounds good, how about shaman is priest type and warlock for mage type on orcs? and it sounds like pretty much the level range goes starting at city, then left, then up. this is fine, but make sure to have some dungeon-type things for the higher levels, especially for the level 50s (or max level).

I've recently gotten some more slack in time to do stuff, but I think I'm going to have pandaman be the second-in-command, and first in the event of my demise (if im not on). That map looks good, though a little similar to mine :rolleyes: but the detail is good to have, makes it easier to map, thanks. So if you want to start of the terraining pandaman, go ahead and start, do as much of it as you like, and then we can start on our other stuff. for anyone not working on terrain, ideas are good to have, and we can get started on hero's too.


Alright AgentPaper, I'll start on the terrain now. I might be, oh... half done in 3-4 days (if I dont spend that much time on it), because the weekend is coming up. About the overview map, I based it off of yours so that it wasnt too different. Warlock completely escaped my mind, good idea. I'll start the terraining right now.


P.S. Any set tileset I should use, and if I use WEU, would you have to get it? I'll probably use the lordaeron or cityscape tileset for now.


From the depths, I come.
yes, loderan and cityscape are gbest, and I do have WEU, so you can use that. Thanks for helping out with this, I was afraid it was going to die for a little bit there. and you don't have to do all the terrain, I or other people working on this can do some too.


Alright AgentPaper, I can terrain the entire map if you want, I am nearly done with the starting city right now. Could you tell me who else is is in the project?



:confused: :confused: :confused: Alot of really big posts! Ima just take it that ill stick to creeping and balancing, and assume the terrain is being done by pandaman.

Btw, all the people involved with this project are listed on the first post. (I am creeping and balancing)


From the depths, I come.
Sure, you can do the whole thing if you want, but I'm going over it all to make sure it looks good, and could you leave some farmland/village for me to do? I like making those kinds of things. and if for the dungeons, just have the entrance (cave or something) and then an area in the far end of the ocean for the interior. and actually use cityscape and not village since the stone-type cliff would probably be used a lot in the dungeons and towns.

And for everyone not doing terrain, either do what work you can on what you're doing (ie. making lists of items or creeps) or request a hero and make it. make sure to not customize any of the units, make custom ones so we don't have problems.


Okay AgentPaper, I've basically finished the starting city, it includes: A seperate spot for each class, warrior, mage, priest, rogue, and archer (Class specific quests would start there, and training would be there), a marketplace that would have vendors, a small castle, slums district, a port, place that could be an arena, and most of the outlying farms. I'll be sure to leave a town or two for you to do, AgentPaper.

To confirm the roster, I would like everyone who is in the project to post a reply to this, ASAP. Thanks!


Edit: I am working on interior/cave/dungeon/etc right now, mostly in mountains and rainforest right now. So far I have an evil cathdral in a cave, a cave where humans were stranded and survived by an underground river within it, but were eaten by the powerful monster that resides within, and an underground pit where humanoids from the rainforest enslave people and make them mine gold and such.


From the depths, I come.
I should be home around 5, so if you can finish up what you're doing and post the map, I can do a couple things.


Just to specify the icy wastes and stuff, its gonna need a boss area, cuz before I had a a bunch of ice guys and a boss. (Thanks Jindo for taking a year to make a simple piece of terrain)


True Roleplaying Ideas

Dont worry TOC_Cid! The glacier is the place for the FINAL boss, so you'll get a dungeon/boss area. I dont see how people can take so long terraining, it isnt that difficult, I'm nearly done with the map, finished north of map, including the rainforest, the mountains, the glacier, the icy waste, some interior, etc. I have some more ideas for the map...

(NAB = Not Alignment Based)
Deliver Letter: (Quest level 5-10)
Story: Villager Women in starting city: Excuse me?... You look like a traveling type, can you deliver this letter to the man I am betrothed to in <Other city name>. These two kingdoms have been at war for so long, it is not safe to travel the roads, I fear of bandits, or getting caught in the middle of a battle. If you can deliver this to my beloved, he will surely reward you!
Objective: Get the letter to the women's betrothed in the other city.
Reward: Good:Loss of gold for their wedding money, more experience
Neutral:Gold and experience
Evil: Force the money out of betrothed, then return to women and
say the letter was delivered (more gold), experience

Find Reagent: (Mage Quest, repeatable. varying level)
Story: Mage Quest Giver: Ah, apprentice, a colleague of mine needs a rare reagent for a potion he has been making, <Variable reagent name> but it can only be found deep in the woods(or variable depending on level). He is busy right now, and wants someone else to find it for him. I'll give you a sample of the potion if you bring me the reagent. It can be found here: <Pings various locations in forest>
Objective: Find the rare reagent.
Reward: NAB: Experience and random (or hero level based) potion sample

Look for Husband: (Quest level 35-40)
Story: Villager Women: Oh noo! *wails*... Please, you look strong, *blows into a hankerchief* my husband and two others have gone missing! They went into the rainforest in search of rare and exotic new forms of life... I tried to tell them it was too dangerous, but they wouldnt listen. No one else wants to journey into that retched place... I've heard that there is a bestial tribe of humanoids that enslaves people and puts them to work deep in their mines, I'm afraid they've been enslaved. If you could find them, we would give you everything we have... the cave that those slavers live in is rumored to be around here. <Ping near cave location> *turns away and cries into the cloth*
Objective: Find the missing people and bring them back safely.
Reward: Good: no money, experience, the 3 men decide to join you
Neutral: Various jewels, gold, experience
Evil: The 3 enslaved men, jewels, gold, and experience

Slay Demons: (Quest Level 25-30)
Story: Explorer: Oi, hullo thar! I do be Bail, and I'm an explorer! The bad thing is, I cant do any explorin', what with all the demons that plague the desert now. I'm no fighter, and one o em could easily kill me, so I've been looking for a tough sort to slay them for me. They'ves got thems a leader, a doomguard I hear tell! Their blocking my way right here <pings around demon location in desert> I'd give ye some of me 'plunder' *wink* that I've found on my explorin if ye'd do this fer me!
Objective: Slay the demons and their leader
Reward: Good:Magic item, experience, explorer may join party
Neutral: Magic item, gold, experience
Evil: All of the explorer's plunder, gold, experience, some of the demo
ns join the party

Forest Destruction: (Quest level 15-20)
Story: Dryad: This is terrible... the forest is being burnt by those awful goblins who want all the wood for their infernal machines! I cannot fight against them, they are too strong, they must be convinced to leave! *notices player* You - you look strong, can you aid me? The evil goblins who are logging live here, <Pings around location of goblins> and they must be convined to leave. Can you help me?
Objective: Convince the goblins to leave, or kill them.
Reward: Good: Nature magic item, experience, dryad may join group
Neutral: Nature magic item, experience
Evil: Goblin explosives, experience, a goblin may join group

Blood Feud: (Quest Level 10-20)
Story: Nobleman: You.. er.. mercenary! I would like to hire you to end the blood feud between my family and the <other noble family>, in whatever way possible. Kill them *hopeful look*, convince them *mutters unhappily*, I do not care! The feud has occupied my family's attention for too long. The other nobles live here <pings noble familys location>. Now, begone!
Objective: Somehow end the feud between the families
Reward: Good:Experience, rival family lets you use their home to rest/heal
Neutral: Gold and a rare item from starting family, experience
Evil: Both families die, gold, rare items from both, experience

Arena Battle: (Warrior Quest, repeatable, varying level)
Story: Warrior Quest Giver: You, warrior, you go fight in arena! We need persons to fight big bad uugly monsters! Arena is here <Ping location>, go now, me training!
Objective:Fight in arena, and beat the create
Reward:NAB: Experience, gold

Steal Valuables: (Rogue Quest, repeatable, varying level)
Story: Rogue Quest Giver: Hey, you! I need an "expert" to "retrieve" some jewels of "mine" from here. I'll give you a share of the loot, yt's guarded though, so you'd better be careful. <Ping location, varying>
Reward: NAB: Random jewel, some gold, experience

I'll come up with more quests soon, here are ideas for race affecting stats

Human: Strength = Average
Agility = Average
Intelligence = Average

Humans are the most common species, and are average in all respects. Affinity with mundane crafting, swords, and priests.

Orc: Strength = High
Agility = Average
Intelligence = Low

Orcs are strong, but not very intelligent. Affinity with axes, and warriors.

Undead: Strength = Low
Agility = Average
Intelligence = High

Undead are physically frail, being corpses, but are very intelligent. Affinity with magical crafting, and magic classes.

Night Elves: Strength = Slightly below average
Agility = Highest of all races
Intelligence = Slightly above average

The night elves are incredibly agile, slightly less trong, and slightly more intelligent than average. Affinity with ranged weapons, archers and rogues.

Trolls: Strength: Medium-High
Agility = Medium-High
Intelligence = Lower than all races

The trolls are not that intelligent, but overall are good fighters, with high strenght and agility. Affinity with spear weapons and axes, archers, and fighters.

Naga: Strength: Highest of all races
Agility = Average
Intelligence = Average

The naga are incredibly strong, but have limitations, with medium intelligence. Affinity with spears, and can swim in deep water. Limitations are unable to wear regular armor, only special and rare kinds, also, disliked generally more than any other race.

Professions more in-depth:

Mundane Professions: Smithing, fletching, tanning
Magical Professions: Alchemy, scribing, imbueing (correct spelling?)
Undecided Profession: Weaving?

Suggested Professions by class
Warrior: Smithing
Archer: Fletching, tanning
Rogue: Tanning, scribing? (perhaps)
Mage: Weaving, alchemy
Priest:Weaving, scribing

Following the example of World of Warcraft, professions, once trained in, level up in skill perhaps using variables, and once certain skill levels are reached, the player must train in higher skill level. Different items can change the skill level variable based on their difficulty.
Novice Crafter: 1-15
Journeyman Crafter: 16-45
Artisan Crafter: 46-100
Expert Crafter: 101-199
Master Crafter: 200

My interpretation of the professions:
Smithing:Using ores that are mined or bought to craft weapons and armor.
Fletching:Using gathered wood/feathers to craft special arrows, magical ingredients required at higher levels.
Tanning: Using hides gathered off of animals to craft leather armors useable by warriors, archers, and rogues.
Alchemy: Usings various reagents purchased or gathered to mix different potions that have many effects.
Scribing: Using special papers, inks, and other reagents to scribe magic scrolls that have different effects.
Imbueing: Using magicl reagents to enchant items to increase their effectiveness and give buffs.
Weaving: Using clothes purchased and gathered from creatures to craft armor useable by priests and mages.

Confirmed Roster:
The roster as I know it is:

Project Leader: AgentPaper
Second-in-command: PandarenLord
Terrainer:pandarenLord with small areas by AgentPaper
Quests:No one
Story:No one
Item Makers:No one

That's as of what I know, since no one else seems to be responding to my previous post. I am also interested in doing quests and story if no one would mind.


P.S. As previously mentioned, I am nearly done with the terrain, but more interiors and changes may be added later on, as needed. Also, can we move this to a new thread or sub-forum? It's a bit annoying that we cant categorize our posts...
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