World Turkey has invaded and occupied Greek territory at Evros

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    Google Map location.

    Turkish soldiers and police special forces have made a permanent presence within Greek territory and have camped in the pocket of Apiary at Feres to enhance their presence, according to Army Voice.

    Initially, about 10 Turkish soldiers and police special forces set up a tent inside Turkish territory. even secured a photograph from the early days of their presence there.

    But then these forces began to strengthen, reaching 35+ people, and entered Greek territory, in which they have proceeded to deforest.

    As you can see in the below photo of the map, it is one of the many pockets formed by the river, which even Google maps shows as Greek territory.

    To explain a little better, it is known that the Evros River that serves as the border on maps between Greece and Turkey sometimes shifts east or west, creating alluviums on both sides. Turkey refuses to acknowledge that some of the land on the eastern side of the Evros River still belong to Greece, even if the river changes its natural course.

    Read more here. (Greek City Times)

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