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Oh, OK. I'll try to do something for that then.


It only does everything.
what do you mean by some dividers?
Like some straight lines that seperate the banner in pieces?
Or do you meant we cut up the banner in little pieces?
sorry if Im a pain...
becuz I got this.. (yes i gave another try, just performing my duties as a part of the th community ;))



Krakka said:
jindo, you suck at rendering..
you cut off the sorceress' staff orb.
When you say you skinned it, do you mean you use photoshop!?! or another program, if so which 1?
I used photoshop... that sorceress had a full staff when i copied and pasted her on...

it was my first try so of course im gonna :(...

Im gonna try again anyway.



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Okay. Lets look at sample1.jpg.

Now, its kind of cut off. Either bigger screen, or save it and look at it.

The specification (shown in green diagram) is 110 tall for the header area. I'll cut up the rest, so it can be 3D.

A solid image 200 tall is automatically not work. It can be taller if blended like mine, there is still room for links. But from stone wall to top, 110.

The dividers are the nav and content. Cannot you see it? In red, I said "left divider cut for repeating background image"

I am confident that if you read carefully, you'd know what the 'divider' was.


It only does everything.
sorry if im acting very stupid but if I understand right, if, for example, you use the image I made, the left cut divider for repeating background will be the same image repeated over and over?

Ok if I understood right, im gonna start making a 110 tall, around 600 width.
But you see how illidan's right arm is going over the links around him and stuff...
Well to do that, Ill have to start out with around 200 tall... and make the background smaller so it fits 110 height. and save it as a .png so it will make it go over the bottom thing...
Once again, sorry if im a pain...just trying to understand riight so I can do it right..


I think I'll try my hand at this. Nice work so far guys! You could do with messing around with the outlines of the CnPed images though...they're way too crisp, if you understand my meaning.


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Well, this probably isn't very important, but I made a smoother Demon Hunter in case people dislike the crispness of a totally-taken-out-of-WC image.

I'm trying to see what I can do, but I think you should keep the top bar of navigation as opposed to having links around the demon hunter. Know what I mean?


And I made a simple Search background image. As you may be able to tell, the search thing itself goes in the empty space below SEARCH.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v455/Blake341/SearchMoving.gif (if you like the pulsing of "Search" and want it to go faster or slower, let me know)


It only does everything.
ok, i get you know ryoko..
I thought the search buttons weren't suppose to change?
or are we changing them?


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Lol, no question, you got 2 use that 4 the tut site lol jk


ROFL! Yea, I saw that done before. Heck, I saw a dog using pawprints and making the same art (not just stamping) :D


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hmmm if we cud just get a fish that could paint....we could get into showbiz. Jk lol
Btw could I use that gryphrider for my minimap loading screen thingy pic?


It only does everything.
keep the blizz copyright and ur good :D
im joking, since ur using it for a map and not for a business u can take off the copyright and use it..
its not ours, its blizzard's
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