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Discussion in 'Starcraft 2 (SC2) Editor Help' started by Steel, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. ZeroPoints

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    i seem to be having a problem in the basic hero creating tutorial did it as it said (bit confusing since its old).
    I made the unit a hero gave him the behaviour levelup.
    made the levelup behaviour veterancy and added the lvls for exp 50/100/200.
    the hero gets the exp bar but the bar does not fill up which field am i missing or what?
  2. Ioannes

    Ioannes Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.

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  3. ZeroPoints

    ZeroPoints New Member

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    Im still having issues with the veterancy experience gaining behaviour. I have the hero and have added the behaviour just like that in the first post but the experience bar doesnt fill up.
    Also can someone download the map linked on this sites tutorial (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/general-mapping-tutorials-659/create-hero-attributes-167754/) i've downloaded it and ran it aswell and the experience bar does not seem to fill up aswell.
    Is it to do with sc2 update or something because all of those tutorials are a bit old.
  4. ZeroPoints

    ZeroPoints New Member

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    zzz nvm onetwosc posted on a youtube comment of his that "In 1.2, I'm told the issue is the following (in? triggers): "what you need to do is just remove 1 trigger action: Melee - Set default melee options for all players. This will restore your heroes' ability to gain XP".
  5. xlukee

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    erm am i doing something wrong? all the links just 404 on me.
  6. Steel

    Steel Software Engineer

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    IncGamers changed how their forum urls were being formatted. Ill try and get them fixed up shortly.
  7. Tyrulan

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    Hey Steel, please get these URL's fixed as soon as possible.
  8. Jack[RCDF

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    There's a heap of tutorials over at galaxywiki.net, and some at udmod.com too.
  9. X-maul

    X-maul AKA: Demtrod

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    You should consider checking the links, the "Basic Hero Creation", "Hero Attributes" and some others (I havent checked them all) contains 404 errors.

    EDIT: Noticed this have already been pointed out for you.

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