Types of Custom Hero Spells System?


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What are my options for some custom hero system out there?
Basically in the beginning of the game you buy "spells" to customize your hero.

I just need options of doing this and what the best / most efficient system is.


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I faced the same problem... if you want a system here's mine...

I think it might be a less advanced one but w/e you'll have to figure it out for yourself cause i'm too lazy to post what does what but if you're worthy you'll figure it out ;P
Give credit if you're gonna use- thanks.

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p.s. Now i need someone to help me with my own issues on multiboards -_-

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One custom hero engine that I've seen here is Geoff.L's one, which is the one used by TGS(The Great Strategy). This engine is where you have to buy the item repeatedly to level it up and allows you to customise your hero as the game goes on, rather than choose at the start and have to stick with it through out. It also means that you can have as many abilities as the UI will allow, which is 7 if you don't have anything else aside from the movement icons. You can find it here.

My engine is one where you buy the item that represents the skill, and after that you can level it up as usual. The limit is 5 levelable skills, which is the normal limit of abilities allowed in a heroes spellbook. You can find it here.

There is also one more that is created by AceHart, I tried it out a long time ago, but i forget what its like... So you should probably see if its what you're looking for yourself. You can find it here.

Most custom hero maps that I've seen use these engines, or some other derivative of them. So take a look at them and decide for yourself what you want as we don't know what you need.


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hey thanks baka ranger! I didn't know that you actually made that system. I saw it in alot of games.
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