US News U.S. Cities Are Losing 36 Million Trees a Year

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    U.S. urban forests are in a crisis.

    Cities in half the states in the country lost a significant amount of tree cover over a five year period, according to a new study. In some cases, the changes were drastic, amounting to almost half a percent of a city’s tree cover every year. Without programs to counter the trend, those fractions of a percent add up to significant, noticeable losses over just a few years.

    David Nowak and Eric Greenfield, two U.S. Forest Service scientists who have been following urban forests for years, wrote the new report. While they’re hesitant to call it a trend, the new research builds on their previous work, which found similar results. That suggests the loss of urban forests across the country may be ongoing and not just a hiccup in the data.

    Here’s Richard Conniff, reporting for Scientific American:

    Read more here. (Public Broadcasting Service, PBS)

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