Icon UI Cooldown Icon


Used in Fate/Heaven. Allows to clearly see cooldown of spells.

Looks same as http://www.thehelper.net/forums/showthread.php?t=118516 ; requires it (also).

Paths were to import files :
UI\Feedback\Cooldown\cooldown.blp (this is the essential part of this thread)

Textures\human-statbar-color.blp (this is useful if you want to use "Cooldown UI")
UI\Feedback\Cooldown\UI-Cooldown-Indicator.mdx (this model can be downloaded here ; you need "Cooldown UI" if you want to use this)

UI\Feedback\Cooldown\cooldown.blp : makes the red effect on cooldown

Textures\human-statbar-color.blp : makes the blue "glowing back" effect when cooldown is almost finished

UI\Feedback\Cooldown\UI-Cooldown-Indicator.mdx : forces a "glowing back" effect

Inside UICooldown2.zip :
makes a quadran effect :

UICooldown3.zip :
makes a white effect and a green effect at cooldown exit.

In case you didn't see paths, here they are again :



WEHZ Helper
DotA uses the "Cooldown UI" Romek submitted.
These models/icons could be useful though.

EDIT: Although they make the UI just look horrible :p .


Change can be a good thing
it seriously does, i dont think the shit is hard to see in the first place, and this just makes it terribly looking


New Member
Is there a way to alter the cooldown.blp to black instead of white and green etc.?

I am proficient with Photoshop etc but I don't know which part to alpha and everytime I try to blacken it it just covers the icons completely.

Thanks man.
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