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Cuz I can
No need to get snide cause I had an opinion bro, this isn't the hive
I never get snide because anyone has an opinion.
And again, you are giving me the impression you judge people and their motivations (which, as a matter of fact, you don't know) far too lightly.
I get snide if people behave snidely because of their opinion, which, in fact, is both
- absolute nonsense
- invalid as soon as posted by itself.
eg, if you write "if you don't like what is written, go complain somewhere else!", and by doing so, you complain that you don't like what is written, exactly at the source, um yeah...
Wow, so you're basically saying that at the hive, you can't have opinions?
So you're complaining HERE?
IMHO, if you don't like something, complain there; Not anywhere else. If you're good, you can even pack it into some constructive criticism; If you're dumb (like me) it will end in senseless flamewars that will bring forward noone.

You didn't reply on my
"I don't post my stuff anymore." - How come? oO
question : /

No wonder I didn't work!
I read the LINUX man pages all along!
So, where do I get that Win-Handbook you mentioned?

DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
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You know, I typically find that talking about how we don't have content only leads to ... Less content :)

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    We can fix that.
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    Chat should show on the sidebar when not logged in now.
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    (You'll still need to log in to post messages)
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    I must be in a test server.
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    Nice, Twitter tweets embedding now works
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    @tom_mai78101 Hello there.
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    Tagging works in the chat too.
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    @Ghan Missed it.
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    Still fixing things here and there. Added widgets to the portal, will make it match the ones here on the forum index tomorrow.
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    The venerable World Editor Tutorials site has been converted to HTTPS at last.
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    and I can even edit my messages, nice
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    Hello there
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    this new chatbox is great and the forum software update is great too
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    upgrade has fixed forum registration spam problem
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    Something tells me we might be able to customize the chatbox a bit, considering that there's a gap under every message.
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    Going to deploy a fix soon, just had to take some time for myself this weekend.
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    Unbelievable. Time for yourself? How dare you!
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