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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by eq-nox, Jun 30, 2006.

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    I'm working on the hero selection of a hero arena...

    Currently I have it spawn the heros in a region behind the circle of power...before I had just the hero there, and when the wisp selected it, the hero would disappear. But now that I changed it to a region system I can't get the hero to disappear... tell me what's wrong with this?

    Unit enters xxx region

    Unit is type wisp and Pick_Taken = 0.

    Set Pick_Taken 1

    If player# > 5 spawn xxx hero at team 2. If Player # <5 spawn xxx hero at team 1.

    Pan camera to last created unit.

    Unit Group - Remove All Units from <region display hero was in>

    Remove triggering unit from game.

    So the jist of what the trigger looks like... why on earth would it not remove all units from that region I specified??? Does it not work for heros or something?
  2. LedZepplin

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    Right click the name of the trigger then 'Copy as Text' and paste it here to see. Then maybe i can try and help you have no idea what so ever what your saying there.
  3. Sim

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    We need to know which region it is exactly. <region display hero was in> doesn't tell much :rolleyes:

    Anyways, I'll try with what we have here...

    Well first you gotta Pick those units. If you don't it won't remove anything. When you pick them you got to select the right region. And hum... It's all I can see right now :)
  4. lllidan

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    Why not just use the example in the tutorial (or was it free trigger...?) ?

    This will cause a bug anyway, since people will soon find out if they stand right next to the display hero they will be removed from the game. :)
  5. bugi_bi

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    i know this aint your problem but its kinda a bug maybe...
    this action wont work if player is equal to 5.....
    there has to be greater than or equal/less than or equal in one side...
    x>5 => x=6,7,8,9...
    x<5 => x=4,3,2,1...

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