TD Undrawing's Rune TD



All in all pretty good and original TD.
Some flaws:
-Repeatness of monsters- Venom lord came to me five times making it boring
-Flying units are somewhat overpower
-Random position and facing of runes makes it look funny

Overall great map, I like it.


thanks for playing Quan,

I'm sorry you felt the monsters repeated a lot. I assure you there will be games where you may never see a Venom Lord =)

Flying units overpowered. See, mostly my beta testers told me the air units were ridiculously underpowered. I am happy with their current state, but your issue is noted anyway, incase others feel the same.


Not everyone uses the same maze. Anyways I made to level 35, and I doubt theres an end. I dominated air units this time. I think you should remove air bosses until 30 because they can kill base very fast in circular maze.
One more thing: Make damage more balanced in units, make it connected, the more units each deals less damage.

And for end, can I become beta tester because map rules?


35 is good. There are 60 levels.

One way of being ready for such threats as air rounds is to have some castable runes socketed in a disc near the core to pull out of your tricks bag when things get hairy.

Ral rune's Scorched Earth is a good one for crowd control early game. Vitality Runeword is good to have on standby to keep your core safe for a crucial 6 seconds. Honor Runeword and the Zod and Mal runes are also very good for helping you survive tricky encounters. Also keep a Lum rune, or a runeword with Meditation aura nearby to get their mana back faster so you can cast again.

From a gameplay design perspective, I wanted the players to be more active / micro-managing to fend off particularly threatening mobs.

to answer your question on creep damage, yes it is connected as you suggest (i agree it could still use some balancing). Creep-types that appear in larger numbers have less health and less attack damage than creeps that appear in smaller numbers. You may also notice that 2 Infernals, for example, will appear at level 1, but if at Level 30 the dice choses Infernals again, there will be more than 2 infernals. This does not change how much damage the Infernal unit type does, so you will still have to make sure that no more than 3 or 4 Infernals make it to your Core.

There is this same threshold for every creep type where their numbers and attacks will be greater than what the Core can handle. And that is when you die =) The challenge of rune td is to make sure they never reach your Core with the army they need to kill you.

Remember to take note of damage-types as creeps also attack with Fire, Poison, Physical etc. If they are attacking with Lightning you should be on high alert because Lightning armour really sucks vs Lightning attacks.

hope that clears up a few things.

Rune TD beta is over =). This is the final. However, upon release, lots of suggestions have been made. I am going to give it a coupla months, then i will start implementing all the collected suggestions I like. And that will be a new beta for what I am calling the "expansion pack" =)


First of all id like to congratulate u on making rune td, maybe, with some more work and balancing might just be the true succesor to the great Gem. Ive gotten almost everybody at my internet-café to play it, some of us are really hooked. Thats why ive taken my time to comment on som of the things that keeps this map from being all that it can be.. K ill start with what i really like, and i REALLY like it:

-The siege part. Its fantastic, gives a whole new dimension, i like the idea of having to weaken the remaining few with slowing dots, boost core-armor and the use of healing towers. I like to have one malice near the center, and manually DoT the armies with cripple, thereby reducing attack speed and dmg. Having a thul rune nearby also, splashing the icy slow.

-Armor types are always interesting to play around with, but the core can only have one type, and making the creeps have different attack types, especially those who have "awesome against..." makes building up gateway-armor pretty useless, cause the chain is only as strong as it weakest link. If u go for a siege-resiliant build, you can do really well until the wrong attack type comes along, and all your armor-supporting towers becomes useless. That build then becomes a waste of time, and another dimension of the game disappears. If u really insist on different attack types, then make the top ends of those less effective, make them a little bit better, but not an almost total ignore of armor.


-Randomness. It's what made Gem what it is, the thrill of expectations. And that u made the waves random in numbers and strength, ingenious.


-This is a very important bit for us all: What made Gem TD work in such a great way, was that even though there was the element of chance, there was tools for navigating through chaos, making the maze more personal. Extra chancing, and almost more important, downgrading, was important tools to get a flow. I know your rune-system makes this a bit harder, but there should be many ways around this.

-Random waypoints. It might not be a bad idea, the only problem is the reaction time u have. When theres ground units spawning with an air boss, say about lvl 25. Then flies over everything, smashing the cores to pieces, while the creeps has gotten so far as just a bit in the maze, nowthey just turn back and goes diredtly to the core, almost unharmed. As creeps spawn in the fog of war, and comes out here and there, theres wery little reaction time to see what your up against and have time to make preparations, like aiming the disabling tower on the boss, and so on.

-Magic runes, the ones u pick up. First of allthose towers u can recieve is off the charts, and a bit too much so. i got a the undrawing of pain low lvl, and could just lean back on that one for many many lvls, actually i felt almost cheated. Its fun to pick them up, but make the towers, just a bit more common, and a bit less breath, taking. Its a bit like wishing for a bb-gun for christmas, and find that santa gave u a cruise missile. And one other thing, why oh why is there magic runes that takes your hard earned runes, u only have a set amount of 60 runes on 60 lvls, and as hard as it is to get the rune u want, its not even funny. Sure make them a bit like russian roulette, its fun to see your friends get a hard time, but soften the edges.


-The use of mana, and micromanagement. Its gorgeous, makes the game last a whole bit longer. I especially like the use skills from the creeps, that gives a whole new threat to counterspell. Also meditation aura-towers, that make the use of casting-towers a specialized build.


-almost every spell makes only dmg, not very interesting, the use of spellcasting is more interesting when it disables in some way, and also since spells doesnt scale with supporting towers. Thats just a very personal opinion though.

-mana drain aura doesnt seem to work properly, ive mentioned this in bugs


-sometimes the armies get confused when in a maze, probably when they feel blocked, and they wreak havoc and starts pounding mazing-rocks, although there is a clear path. Dunno if it has something to do with stun towers or something.

-Ignorance doesnt seem to work properly, or the mana drain is unnoticable, to waste runes on such a tower, u want a really powerful aura.

-Fury seem to sometimes proc and destoy not only creeps but also mazing stones, i havent tested it myself, got it from a friend.

-Whats up with all the fatal errors? we save almost every tenth lvl to not lose everything all the time. Seems to happen later lvls, and i think it usually is when jus finishing a runeword.

Well i can go on for hours, that's how passionate i am about this map, but ill controll myself for now.. We're a lot of guys, hoping u have a lot of inspiration and spare-time, cause we want to see so much more of this.


thank you immensely for your critique. Much appreciated. For your information, the next version's beta is WELL underway, and many of your issues have been addressed. I have had much help from passionate bnet players and forum dwellers like yourself.

(links removed coz distribution got out of hand)

and thank you again for your kind words. Made my day =)


Hi. I feel this warrants a bump

I have recently released a much updated installment of Rune TD (attached). I learned some hard lessons upon releasing to bnet and the public. And because of all the great feedback i got, I felt I should pursue the map further.

So here it is. All updated with new content, balances, tweaks... a complete overhaul actually.

mirrors TD.w3x



New Member
hey i liek rune td
its such a nice td but somehow i feel the td takes too long =)
i dont suppose u could implement a race mode like in gem td
i mean to finish one game with friends is like a couple of hours at least =)
this td could use a bit more polishing and then it can end up as good as gem td =)
it has alot of potential


Guest (unprotected).w3x
Here is the unprotected version of the map..

Think someone could finish it? :( It seems the author abandoned it.

IT always gives a fatal error just like 15-25 waves into it.

It's also too slow, having to wait for other people, especially noobs, etc. It REALLY needs a race mode.

And it'd be nice if you could pick 2 runes per round, because it's soooooooo hard to make runewords within 25 rounds with only getting 1 per round with how random it is. OF course it needs to be balanced differently since double the runes would make it be twice as easy..

If someone could do the picking 2 runewords per round, fix the fatals, and add a race mode.. i could do the balancing.


Formerly, Ban-Lord
You guys just bumped a one year old post, lol. I doubt the creator will be getting to this thread for awhile.


Rise with the Fallens!
Awesome and unique, i made it past lvel 20 and stopped ( was a bit bored..) But repetition makes it a little boring, good job tho! +rep!

EDIT: omg Didnt look at the date!!


July 24th, 2008, 06:11 AM
One year old?
/edit Oh you said "you guys" so you could of meant him too..

And the creator doesn't have to do it. I just linked to the unprotected version he had submitted elsewhere. I was hoping anyone would fix it.

And I sent the creator a nice email. :x But I doubt he'll do it.. I was hoping anyone with skills might see what potential the map has. *shrugs*



I appreciate your interest guys. Yes i do check up on my map from time to time.

I originally designed Rune TD to be a solitaire TD, because I like to play TD's alone. In that sense, the map works fine with no fatals in single player, its complex as hell and always a challenge.

If I were to return to work on Rune TD I would probably split it into 2 versions. One would be rune td as it is, but with no multiplayer. And the other would be a much simpler version with more of an emphasis on competition and pace. There would be no (or hardly any) game options such as difficulty or Hardcore mode etc, but it would retain features like random creeps, mazing and the Seals + Core mechanics. Players would be engaging with eachother more.. somehow. It wouldn't just be a survivor TD with a race to the end. Player actions would have a direct affect on the success of opposing players... somehow. That might mean some players can play AS the creeps.

all things I've thought about, but havent had the energy to sit down with world editor or a pad + pencil to flesh an idea out. One thing's for sure: I'm not spending another solid 6 months working on no goddam TD. When the idea comes, it'll be one I can whip together in a month, with a month of testing and balancing and then I'll be finished.


it's a real pity :( rune td is the best I've ever played, and if only the crashing bugs could be fixed, it would be played much more. I could care less that there is no player interaction, it's awesome enough as it is.
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