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Can some one tell me how can i muve the unit like i summen 5 footman move region 1 then region 2 and that they attack ther enamys when they see them like in dota ^^


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Create 1 Unit for Player
Issue last created unit to patrol to region 1

Unit Enters Region 1
Issue Triggering unit to patrol to region 2

Unit Enters Region 2
Issue Triggering unit to patrol to region 3

Etc, Etc, Etc

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Put your units in a group or an array, think of a neat way to safe if they were allready passing the regions, periodically order every unit to move to/attack (thats an actual order, they will automatically attack everything on their way) the region.
Edit: timing lol


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And a short hint,make the unit have a player owner not neutral hostile, cuz if they have neutral owner they return back to their initial position if there is no1 to attack.Things like this happens :)
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