Units in Group (Spell Problem)


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Hey guys, noobey sqully here.

Anyway, what this spell is meant to do is debuff or "dot" an enemy (damaging him over time) and if he dies with it still on him, it recasts it on all the enemies around him. Howeverrrr for some reason it is no doing this and I am clueless to as why, When I added the DisplayText trigger it doesnt even come up with anything meaning the problem must be before or at the adding the units to the group part..

Edit: I added waits to see if that would help.. but it didnt

function Trig_Infected_Javelin_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean
    if ( not ( UnitHasBuffBJ(GetDyingUnit(), 'BNab') == true ) ) then
        return false
    return true

function Trig_Infected_Javelin_Actions takes nothing returns nothing

 local unit u        = GetDyingUnit()
 local unit c        = udg_Dryad
 local player p      = GetOwningPlayer(c)
 local real x        = GetUnitX(u)
 local real y        = GetUnitY(u)
 local group g       = CreateGroup()
 local group g2      = CreateGroup()
 local real radius   = 300.00
 local integer i     = 0
 local integer level = GetUnitAbilityLevel(c, 'A008')
 local integer a     = 0
 local unit d
 local unit e
 local effect sfx 
    set sfx = AddSpecialEffect( "Abilities\\Spells\\Other\\Drain\\DrainCaster.mdl", x, y )
    call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(g, x, y, radius, null)
    call PolledWait(0.50)
    set a =  CountUnitsInGroup(g)
    call DisplayTextToPlayer(p, x, y, I2S(a)) 
    set e = FirstOfGroup(g)
    exitwhen e == null
    set d = CreateUnit(p, 'h003', x, y, 0.00)    
    call UnitAddAbility(d, 'A00A')
    call SetUnitAbilityLevel(d, 'A00A', level)
    call IssueTargetOrder(d, "acidbomb", e)

    call PolledWait(0.50)
    set e = null
  call DestroyGroup(g)
  call DestroyEffect(sfx)
  set p = null

function InitTrig_Infected_Javelin takes nothing returns nothing
    set gg_trg_Infected_Javelin = CreateTrigger(  )
    call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ( gg_trg_Infected_Javelin, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_DEATH )
    call TriggerAddCondition( gg_trg_Infected_Javelin, Condition( function Trig_Infected_Javelin_Conditions ) )
    call TriggerAddAction( gg_trg_Infected_Javelin, function Trig_Infected_Javelin_Actions )


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You should learn how to use timers. PolledWait sucks.

Also, first of group loops suck. You can do everything through GroupEnum* when combined with timers.
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