Upgrades showing on hero skills/Abilities wrong icon


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I havent posted here in nearly a decade (thanks WC3 reforged) but im back!

So, Im working on a hero siege map.... Ive added upgrades for the hero's, however, when I use them, they add an ability icon no matter what to the hero UI. For example, I give a hero Moon Glaives, they have the ability hidden... I give a hero Envenomed Spears, they get some random icon of a young woman with "No Tooltip, such-and-such upgrade required", how do I prevent this? Or is it only available through triggers?

Also, I make a custom skill, copypasta the skill its based off of, lets say, drunker Brawler, and I change the learn and always on icon for the skill, but it ends up automatically becoming the Windwalk Icon, but still loads my Tooltip. Is this due to beta, or something else? Missed you the helper. Hope everyone is well!
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