Environment US: Freeze alerts issued for more than 70 million Americans as coldest air of season invades Midwest, South, East


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The coldest air so far this fall is invading a widespread area of the Midwest, South and East, placing millions at risk of frosts and freezes this week as a powerful storm system also brings rounds of snow, rain and gusty winds from the Great Lakes to the Northeast.

A strong low-pressure system being tracked by the FOX Forecast Center is responsible for ushering in the widespread chilly air mass, which could make it all the way to the Gulf Coast by midweek.

This early-season cold snap will provide the lowest temperature since April in many areas, with more than 180 million people estimated to see temperatures of at least 10 degrees below average on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The FOX Forecast Center said the cold air will start to move into the country out of Canada on Monday, but Tuesday and Wednesday are when the chill will be felt by nearly the entire eastern half of the nation.

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