Useful Music & Instrument Resources

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    Music & Instrument Resources

    This thread could be used as a resource for people who are looking to start playing or currently already play an instrument, or anything involving music.

    Guitar Tablature Resources

    Drum Tablature Resources

    Electronic Music Resources

    Useful Tools & Programs
    Audacity (Freeware) - Sound Editor
    Kristal Audio Engine (Freeware) - Sound Editor
    Guitar Pro ($59.00 Full) - Tab Editor
    Tux Guitar (Freeware) - Tab Editor

    If you know any good resource sites, please tell me and I will add it to the list!
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    if you're learning to play bass or guitar I recommend getting Guitar Pro. It's a program that plays the tabs for you. There's lots of Guitar Pro-files for a huge amount of songs, that you can just download and play in that program, change tempo, etc., great for learning how to play the songs. They're often more accurate than regular tabs, too.
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