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    I just thought it might be nice to have a list of all the tools that can come in handy with mapping, especially now that who most of us used to link to is down.
    If a tool has an existing official site/forum/topic then the link is pointing to it. If not its attached to this post.
    The topic will remain open for a while so please let me know if something can be improved etc.

    • World Editor Enhancements
      Jass NewGen Pack
      World Editor Unlimited
      Trigger Editor Syntax Highlighting
      World Editor Helper​
    • Preprocessors
      Jass Helper
    • Art (Modelling and Skinning)
      War3 Model Editor
      Warcraft 3 Viewer
      Wc3 Image Extractor II
      Oinkerwinkle's MDL tools
      Animation Remover
      War3 File Converter
      Icon Border Pack
      MDX Squisher
      Warcraft III Art Tools
      the Gimp​
    • MPQ
    • Miscellaneous
      WC3 Map Optimizer
      Jass Shop Pro
      Silly Jass Utility
      Color Template
      Unit Balancer​

    World Editor Enhancements
    These are the tools that can improve your world editor by adding new features to it. Note that these are not officially supported by Blizzard so use them on your own risk, the authors are not responsible for any potential damage they may cause to your map.
    Then again keep in mind that these things don't happen very often (read never).

    Jass NewGen Pack (assembled by Vexorian)
    Probably the best WE ever assembled. If you aren't bugged at having to look at all the necessary files in the extraction, just use the "NewGen WE.exe", you can control a Warcraft III map editor far better than any of the others around there. Most importantly, there are a lot of built in JASS tools, and there are various controls to further manage your maps efficiently. You can even test the map in a movable window (changed to open war3.exe as a window, already possible, but now more convenient).

    World Editor Unlimited aka WEU (created by PitzerMike)
    Rather famous tool. Apart from removing the World Editor's limits it also has plenty of additional functions such as more GUI actions (wrappers for some existing Jass functions) and among other things allows you to easily add the Hero Glow or use a larger map size. Note though that most of this editor's features can be done using the normal editor.

    Almost the same as WEU. Removes limits and adds some extra functionality.

    We-No-Limits (created by StonedStoopid and StarcraftFreak)
    A simple tool that hooks up to a running editor allowing you to remove its limits and test the map in the window or OpenGL mode.

    Trigger Editor Syntax Highlighting aka TESH (created by SFilip)
    A small tool that adds a Scintilla-based text box into the NewGen's Trigger Editor to allow Jass syntax highliting, folding, search and replace, function list and some other options.

    Grimoire (created by PipeDream)
    An open-source set of injectable dlls used to hack the world editor in order to modify it. It includes various features, namely disabling the editor's original jass parser, using a custom one such as PJASS along with preprocessors and using the jAPI custom natives.

    World Editor Helper aka WEH (created by Zoxc)
    Similar to Grimoire this tool is also used to inject dlls in order to modify the editor. Its focused mainly on using PJASS instead of the WE's original parser and on its preprocessor plugins. It also allows you to change the Jass editor's font and load the map intro the running editor by simply double clicking on it.

    With recent development of dll injection (namely Grimoire and WEH, see above) a couple of preprocessors appeared in the mapping community. A preprocessor in programming is generally a tool that parses the source code before it gets compiled. In case of Jass a preprocessor can easily move peaces of code to a different place (for example to the top of the script in order to make a certain function callable from any trigger) or import an external file etc.

    Jass Helper (created by Vexorian)
    A mighty little preprocessor. Notably it brings the OOP syntax intro Jass and allows the user to easily declare globals in any point of the script. I'd suggest that you read the actual topic for some more info.

    WEWarlock (created by karukef)
    A Jass preprocessor with numerous functions such as importing external files, defining a term that is replaced inside the script and much more. Can easily work together with Jass Helper.

    Art (Modeling and Skinning)
    Self-explanatory. Below you will find the tools such as converters that can assist in Modeling or Skinning.

    War3 Model Editor aka Magos Model Editor (created by Magos)
    Probably a must-have for modeling. This tool includes options such as converting mdl to mdx and vice-versa, editing geosets, removing/changing polys, renaming animations and more.

    Warcraft 3 Viewer (created by TheProphet and Marcelo)
    Another must-have, this time for skinning. The viewer allows you to preview models, see the textures they use, convert them, preview models with alternate textures you made etc.

    Wc3 Image Extractor II (created by DJBnJack)
    Similar tool used to export/convert/preview images inside the Warcraft MPQs. Probably obsolete compared to the Viewer.

    Oinkerwinkle's MDL tools (created by Oinkerwinkle)
    A set of very useful tools used in model editing. Namely these are the Vertex Modifier (allows you to easily edit polygons and geosets), Animation Transfer (transfers all animations from one model to another), Geoset Translation (moves, rotates and scales entire models with a couple of clicks).

    Animation Remover (created by Oinkerwinkle)
    A part of the Oinkerwinkle's tools, not features on the site above however. This little tool allows you to remove animations completely from a model thus reducing its size.

    War3 File Converter aka Yobguls Converter or just Yobguls (created by Yobguls, duh)
    A simple tool used to convert MDL -> MDX and vice-versa. It also allows BMP -> BLP conversion and unlike Magos Model Editor it handles MDL files that are damaged in a way. It requires you to copy the following files from your game directory after unpacking: Game.dll, ijl15.dll, Mss32.dll, Storm.dll. A crash will always happen after you exit, don't worry about it.

    GradientMixer (created by Zoxc)
    Allows you to easily generate a gradient-colored text, not only for Warcraft but also for forums etc.

    Icon Border Pack (created by Blizzard)
    A photoshop file (gimp compatible) that contains layers which can easily be used to create a disabled icon or add a border.

    MDX Squisher (created by Guesst)
    Can compress MDX files without a quality loss. Note though that the real compression is done by your map after importing, the program just makes it stronger so the squished file will have the same size as the original unless imported.

    BLPaletter (created by PitzerMike)
    Converts BMP and TGA into paletted BLPs which are compressed better when added intro a map. In other words it makes textures smaller.

    Warcraft III Art Tools (created by Blizzard)
    Blizzard's official set of plugins used for handling Warcraft 3 models in 3D Studio Max. Only works for version 4 (4.26+SP1 is recommended) and, presumably, 3.

    One of the few free modeling applications. Not much to say about it, if you know what modeling is then you sure know exactly what is this tool used for.

    The Gimp
    One of the few free image editing applications, inspired by Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks. Again not much to say here; there are complete books that explain its features throughly.

    The software that handles MoPaQ archives, Warcraft 3 maps are in this group as well.

    Magos' Model Editor aptly handles MPQ as well in a very easy to use tree dropdown system. It's also very fast. You can open the models/blps you find or export them to a folder as well.

    WinMPQ (created by Shadowflare)
    Probably the most famous out there. Not really fast, but gets the job done and is quite stable. Not being developed anymore.

    PowerMPQ (created by Wilds)
    Can be considered as the improved WinMPQ (its a different application though), faster and with more features.

    MPQEditor (created by Ladislav Zezula)
    Stable, fast, gets the job done. What more do you want?

    MPQMaster (created by Soar)
    The fastest out there, but with a couple of bugs. Currently its developer is MIA so it is unknown if the tool or its library are still being worked on.

    SFMPQ (created by Shadowflare)
    The core library of WinMPQ, again slow but gets the job done. Like WinMPQ its not being developed anymore, but still has its reputation and is most widely used. If you don't know what this is then you probably don't need it.

    StormLib (created by Ladislav Zezula)
    The core library of MPQEditor. Not to be confused with Warcraft's Storm.dll.

    MPQLib (created by Soar)
    The core library of MPQMaster.

    Unsorted tools...

    WC3 Map Optimizer aka Vexorian's Optimizer (created by Vexorian)
    The best map optimizing utility out there. Can greatly reduce your map's size, with one of its features being map protection.
    This software is packed inside a 7zip archive. See here if you don't know how to extract it.

    Widgetizer (created by PitzerMike)
    Another map optimizer, this time focused on loading time and it does this job pretty well. FWIW its used on DotA so if you played you know its capabilities.

    PJass (created by Jeff Pang, currently developed by PitzerMike)
    The third-party Jass syntax checker. Far better than one built-in with the World Editor, used in numerous tools.

    Jass Shop Pro aka JSP (created by eGust and Zoxc)
    A text editor with Jass syntax highlighting, function list and many other features.

    JassCraft aka Jass Shop Pro II or JC (created by Zoxc)
    A revamped JSP. Better looking interface with more functionality, features PJass as its syntax checker.

    Silly Jass Utility (created by Wyvernoid)
    Generates a tree display of all the Jass natives, BJs, types etc. Great for beginners who want to learn the API.

    Color Template (created by Dark_Baron_Prot)
    Easily generates Warcraft 3 color codes.

    Unit Balancer (created by Marfan)
    An easy-to-use script used to calculate which of the two provided units would win in a fight and how long will the battle last. Good for balancing, as the name implies.

    More to be added.

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    Can I submit a program?

    This program makes JASS code for killing units when they enter a region.
    It is usefull if you are making a maze map and you have alot of regions and you don't want to make hundreds of different events.

    Region prefix (if your not using the default "Region ")
    Saves as a .j file
    Special Effects (large list and you can enter your own)
    Pauses units and has a changeable wait time before killing them (so it doesn't kill the unit before the special effect has finished).
    Attachment points and modifiers.
    Safe Players.
    Help window.

    Me LordOglog.
    SFilip for telling me a better way to do region code, and for helping me find the format function.
    moyack for all his help with de-bugging and improving the generated code. Thanks!

    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 which can be downloaded Here.

    There is also a sample map in with the program

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    The WE unlimited is ver 1.20, is anyone using it? Does it still work with 1.21?
  4. Rheias

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    > The WE unlimited is ver 1.20, is anyone using it?

    Doubt it, it is quite dangerous, can cause corruptions crashes and unpleasant things.

    > Does it still work with 1.21?

  5. n[u]ll

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    Maze Triggers v1.4b

    This program makes triggers for mazes that alot of people will frequently use. It still has alot of bugs that RoNnIn (wrote it) needs to work out, but it's very helpful if your too lazy at the moment to write the trigger yourself ;P

    Anyways heres the link.
  6. PurgeandFire

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    Terrain 1.0 is amazing. Simply amazing. It converts a regular tga into an actual map!!

    Terrain 1.0

    I took these images from RaeVanMorlock's reply.



    Amazing, it is a must download for shaped maps...

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    Euh.. Guys i would like to ask for a program (if it exist). My editor is french (got french version of the game) and i would like to know if there is anyway to convert my editor to an english one or something liek that. I was using WEU but its now unstable because of patch 1.21 of wc3. So if there is anyway i can get an english editor or an english verison patch it would be realy great becuse i hate french editor... Full of errors like player 3 (teal) is supose to be joueur 3 (cyan) but its joueur 3 (

    all my thanks to the one that will find me what am looking for so long.
  8. PurgeandFire

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    Get JassNewGen in this area. It should work. It is an enhanced editor for JASSing, but it runs like a normal WE. It has no editor enhancements for GUI though.

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    Here's a Really good program that you should add. Its called Maze triggers, its not just for mazes, it does -setname triggers, ice sliding, ice skating, set name colors, death regions, collision, wisp wheels, Unit color changer, terrian killing, and show player triggers. The -setname thing really helps for any map... if you dont wanna set it for ever single player, one at a time.
    (It's not like map hack, or anything like that (saying this because of the show players) it just add's triggers to your map)

    heres the download link:

    Your Welcome, Cheesytoe :D
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    is it just me? or are most of the World Editor Enhancements links down?
  11. phyrex1an

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    That's because the site hosting those tools have some domain troubles right now.

    If you substitute with in those links then it will work
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  14. Insane!

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    I found a color mixer on the interweb. it mixes colors just like warcraft does
    would that count?
  15. tom_mai78101

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    As long as you can download the javascript codes for it, and upload it as a ZIP file, and it's free, yes. SFilip may add the file(s).
  16. Insane!

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    Mixes colors like warcraft does in the object editor
  17. tom_mai78101

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    Woot! It's way better than that install file. Sfilip, please replace this one with the other Color Template!!
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    can u make a list of what newgen has please?
  19. tom_mai78101

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    Isn't it on the first post?
  20. Slapshot136

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    all i see is this


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