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Im using newgen, and one thing I dislike about it and one of the most important things i need from it is being able to use Many tilesets, snese I have a big map, style is similar to azeroth wars... no matter how much i try to mess with it, it wont add more then 8 tilesets, and only ones i, able too. anyone able to help?
1) - Open your map.

2) - Go to extensions-> Edit Tileset

3) - Edit your tiles to whatever you wish (up to 16 tiles)

4) - Once you click OK it should save. DO NOT SAVE AFTER THIS (last time I did that the tiles get reset) Just IMMEDIATELY exit WE without any afterward stuff, and then reopen it. Open your map and you should have your tiles.

Yes, it is completely possible it is just that people aren't really fond of what you are supposed to do. I wasn't until PitzerMike told me to reset WE.


May i ask. and im say this even known u will say no Dose anyone have a good warcraft 3
MDX to MDL convter that can also do MDL to MDX??


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Omg i got a Virus Trojan Backdoor something buy downloading:
Jass NewGen Pack (assembled by Vexorian)
Probably the best WE ever assembled. If you aren't bugged at having to look at all the necessary files in the extraction, just use the "NewGen WE.exe", you can control a Warcraft III map editor far better than any of the others around there. Most importantly, there are a lot of built in JASS tools, and there are various controls to further manage your maps efficiently. You can even test the map in a movable window (changed to open war3.exe as a window, already possible, but now more convenient).


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Jass NewGen relies on DLL injection which some antiviruses detect as a threat despite the fact it isn't.


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Yes, if you want more information about tools, or feel any tools are missing, Hive Workshop will probably have them, (it's one of the affliated sites so for a link just click on the 'HIVE' button) :thup:


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Yes it does. I just checked it then.

WC3C has been down in the past couple of days though. It's up again now.


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The Icon Border Pack doesn't contain the gold border used on the Gold/Lumber/Food/Mana tooltips.
The little, 10x10?, icons that appear in tooltips when building/summoning/casting something.

[del]I've attached a IconBorderPack PSD file with this border.[/del]


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Found a real nice Photo Converter, Very simple usage, Open Picture, Convert to different file type. :thup:


Any issues can just PM me.
I would say that program is unsafe to use.

No viruses, but it starts a process that takes up to 100 cpu and it actually does nothing.


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I wrote a program that lets you get the 3 values for unit damage(base value, number of die, and sides per die) by entering the min and max damage. It works with things like 0 - 2 or -5 - 25 as well. It works with bounty amount, and anything else that would use those types of values.
> Anybody knows?
The Widgetizer doesn't override your map - it copies it widgetizes it in the folder Output. Are you sure you were testing the one that is created in Output?
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