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Hey. I know how they work in theory, but I couldn't find out how to modify this field...

It is a field of a buff behaviour called Modification_DamageDealtUnscaled. This is an array since it can be set for melee, spell, ranged and splash.

So the field path should be "Modification.DamageDealtUnscaled[Melee]" to change the normal damage bonus.
But this only throws errors at me. Even if I try Modification[Melee].DamageDealtUnscaled or Modification.[Melee]DamageDealtUnscaled or instead of "Melee" a "1" ... only errors.

I read that the id of the array can be looked up in the mpq of the map. But with winMPQ I could only open a file that told me stuff about preplaced doodads...

Help please!
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