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hello guys, im making a model for my game and i want to share it with you, even though it is not so good, it is worthy enough to be in a game...

its an Uther model, with some changes, like textures, and vertices, he's with a quarterstaff now, and removed the book, i tried to make a new animation for him but i always failed...

i didnt need any credit if u used this on your map, it is up to you if youll credit me or not...

INTRUCTIONS for importing the model:
There are 3 files inside the zip file
1 is the model
2 is the texture
3 is the portrait

import them all to ur map, and remove the path "war3mapimported\" from the TEXTURE, i.e. "war3mapimported\Uther.blp" change it to "Uther.blp"

and for the model and portrait, dont change the path anymore
after you imported the 3 files, and change the texture's path, change a unit's model to the imported Uther model, in the first time you imported it, it wont work, just dont feel down, save the map, and try testing the map in wc3, then you will see that the model works

if the model wont work, check the path of the texture again, and do what i said above....



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Looks cool there. :D

BTW: QuarterStaff -> Quarter of a Staff. Looks very long there. >_>

Going to DL it soon.


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Not bad. Not bad at all. If i ever will use the Paladin, I'll take this one ^^
Waaks, it seems like you have Skill in Modeling...
Any chnce of Requesting something? :p


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Waaks, it seems like you have Skill in Modeling...
modeling, texturing, jassing, map making, are the 4 things i do everyday, like this day i texture, next day i model, next day, i jass, and next day i make maps

Any chnce of Requesting something? :p
name it, ill try, if i cant, then i wont submit it...


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Maybe you should make a map with that model, first he has no weapon. He gets a Quarter Staff, Put an attachment of a short stick. He gets another quarter staff, Change the item to HalfStaff, (Take out the previous attachment and put an attachment of a half stick). And so on and so forth until he can make his core weapon, the WholeStick.


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FrozenShadow this is the 2nd time I see you reviving [del]the dead[/del] a thread o_O

Quite a simple one actually (just removing the hammer's hammer-point-something :p) if you compare it to other models, although I don't even know how to remove it :p


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lol, this thread started before I enter this forum!
This uther is good enough but why just remove the weapon?
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