Vampire Hunter D Map



Here are my current skill ideas for the characters.
Meier Link (Vampire Lord)
Doom/DarkArrow/or DarkConversion (summons zombies)
Defend (Incr Atk Spd, Reflects, Decr Move Spd)
Mirror Image (Gargoyles)
Undecided (suggestions)
Mashira (Werewolf)
Lycanthropy (Passive Atk Spd, Move Spd, Incr Dmg, TrueSight)
Lacerate (Passive % to do slow Psn or Castable Slow Psn)
Roar (Incr Dmg)
Benge (Shadow Assassin)
Dark Prison (Sleep, unbreakable by allies atks)
Plane Shift Blink Hybrid (auto-blinks out of danger)
Wind Walk (Invisibility and Backstab)
ShadowMeld (Invisibility at night and passive stats)
Caroline (ShapeShifter)
Impale Stomp (AoE Impale focused on caster)
Regeneration (Incr HP regain and reincarnate)
Entangling Roots (Dmg and Stun)

D (Dunpeal)
Drunken Brawler (Crit and Evasion)
Devour Magic (Turns enemy buffs into life)
Borgoff Markus (Vampire Hunter)
Landmines (Invisible Mines)
Cluster Rockets (AoE Arrows)
Demolish (Crit vs Undead)
Engineering Upgrade (Incr all other abilities stats)
Nolt Markus (Bounty Hunter)
Cleave (Aoe Melee Atks)
Avatar (Incr HP, Armor, Dmg, Magic Immune)
Kyle Markus (Knife Master)
Knife Throw (AoE, Ranged Atk)
Grove Markus (Spirit)
Multi-Lazers (AoE, Delayed Atks)
Sacrafice (AoE, Suicide)
Ethrealize (Melee Immune, Magic Vulnerable)

I'm looking for ability ideas and suggestions. I pretty much know how I'm going to make these abilities. Sorry some abilties have the names of regular abilities and others have descriptive names, I have names for some abilies but suggestions on names are fine. Leave a message with some input. Also, it would be nice if you've seen the movie, I want the game to reflect the movie.


No one?

No one has any suggestions, ideas, or has seen Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust?
Are there already too many side vs side maps? There seems to be little intrest.


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What makes this map unique? Why would people play this map? Think about that before you really start creating the map. Just a normal AOS with a theme won't be able to beat for example DotA. Do something big to make your map special.


Change can be a good thing
nothing will beat dota, that isnt why ppl make maps

they are fun, something to do, and challenging

dont go out trying to beat dota, jsut go out trying to make something unique that you can be proud of :)
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