Vampire Slayer [Re-Bled] soon to be released!

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Most of you are going to wonder what "Vampire Slayer [Re-Bled]" is.

Well, Vampire Slayer (aka VS) is a miniature AoS made by moi, Alexander! :)

Vampire Slayer [Re-Bled] (aka VS[RB]) is the second version of this AoS.

The storyline behind VS is as follows:

For years, Alexander Stinda has been on the run, avoiding the watchful gaze of the High Guardians, and their pet Hunters. For years, Alexander has hidden, and eluded his persuers. But now, the time for running has come to and end. The time for bloodshed is now.

So, Richard, Alexander thought to himself as he stood upon the edge of his camp. Thomas has sent his best High Guardian out to catch me, has he? Figures. Why would Thomas show his face with someone else begging to kiss up and do it for him? Alexander mentally brought himself to a cliff overlooking the enemy camp.


A hundred feet down, and a few yards away, there wasn't just a strike force. There was an army. Guardians and Hunters huttled around burning campfires, struggling to keep warm. Saviors, rare but powerful types of Guardians could be seen walking here and there, probably on business errands. In the far back, Alexander caught glance of a familiar face.

Richard. The man was younger then Alexander's 400 years, much younger indeed. But he was powerful for such a young High Guardian. Thomas had sent Richard out months ago, and ever since, Alexander had been running. Not running from Richard, of course, but running to people. His line of Vampires, known only as the Blood Brothers. He would be meeting them in mere days, along with their army of fledglings.

But he hadn't counted on this. Richard's army of Guardians, High Guardians, Saviors and Hunters could not reach the Blood Brother base camp. He'd have to turn and fight them now. Or at least stall them.

Again, he moved himself with his mind, this time back to his base. There, a few of his fledglings were over looking the Vampire spawn, mindless zombies of Alexander's Vampiric army. He quickly sent out the commands to his fledglings with his mind, telling them to get ready. The first wave was up in minutes, marching slowly but surely to the High Guardian's camp. But they were ready.

"My lord," one of Alexander's Fledglings said, "The Guardians are attacking in force!"

Alexander could only smile.

"Good. Blood runs faster that way."
VS consisted of a 3 lane AoS, crammed into a 32x32 space. It has captureable neutral bases, two powerful custom heroes, and a ton of action in such a tight space!

VS[RB] just made it even better. The two neutral bases now spawn extra units for the owner, there's a leaderboard to track the kills of the two heroes, Alexander was re-balanced, and one of his old unused moves was replaced, Richard is going to be completely revamped, and both of them will be getting brand new custom models, courtesy of Rinpun.

I wouldn't mind some feedback on VS before I release VS[RB]. You can get it here, at the bottom of Post 1. Sadly, this version doesn't have the new AI, so playing 1 player isn't as fun. However, if you can get a friend, you can still go 1 v 1!


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I'm surprised that you and Ace don't get together and do something jointly, as you both seem to specialize in the small AoS style maps

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You want to see a magic trick?
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XXconanXXX said:
So...Who's bleeding?
It was just a fancy way to say "Version 2" other then saying "Version 2"


"[If life=Dota] I'd have quit long ago" -- Acehart
It might be prudent for you to update this thread such that people can download and discuss it. Most of the VS chat is in the secret level and out of the eyes of the mainstream.
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