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1. I just jumped too high into the sky and died while I shouldn't have. My death region should have been the bottom (I was standing upright) and I still died.

2. I think you should include the (You can jump by pressing down) tip a bit earlier


More updates, these are currently offline but I plan to update the test game, these updates are as follows:

  • All cutscenes now completed.
  • Visual glitches in the exits are now resolved.
  • Trophies page is now seperate from the Stats page.
  • Button added to stats page to take you back to the overview.
  • Button been added to the main menu to take you to the new Trophies page, this button is locked until you beat the game.
  • Currently revising medal times, developer times in particular.
  • Updated medal counting system.
  • Some hints updated/adjusted (Added a hint about controlling the height of your jump to World 1, Level 3)
  • Fix level design flaws in Worlds 5 and 7!
  • Move Advanced Mode option to the main menu (Hidden until unlocked.)


  • Inspect World 8, possibly make it easier.
  • Loop the background music.
  • Cut World 1 + 3 music down to reduce filesize.
  • Add menu and bonus world music.


Minecraft Server OP, Inactive.
I've seen #1 on multiple levels. Not sure if it's intentional or something. I'll test it out on the weekend. I'm busy with school this week.

EDIT: Kongregate is a must :)
Need more badges. (Level 18 here)


Notable adjustments:

  • Background are now photoshopped.
  • Ericadia Approved World's difficulty drastically reduced.
  • Adjustments made to Llama Land to make it easier.
  • Trophy-related glitches ammended.
  • Medal counting glitches ammended.
  • Pretty much all glitches that I've spotted have now been ammended.

Last step is to make sure World 10 isn't impossible to beat on Advanced mode.

PROGRESS: It currently takes me 10 minutes to beat the first 4-5 levels of this world :p (Considering the main worlds take 20 minutes total in normal mode this is quite a big difference in difficulty from world 1)


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I wish you didn't kill the llama when he jumped out of bounds, ha.
So... it says released on the 6th, that's tomorrow, :)

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