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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by emjlr3, Jun 13, 2011.

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    So I have recently gotten into some video encoding.

    I was using Handbrake for a while, but its a bit limited and dated.

    I managed to snag a copy of Xilisoft HD Converter, but it sucks hard. It was supposed to incorporate some new AMD GPU accelerator to speed up encoding, but rips always turn out looking like shit, and the re-sizing sucks.

    I gave MeGUI a try, and it was better, but not quite what I was looking for.

    I have come across StaxRip, and its pretty good, I like it.

    Any thoughts on any other all in one GUI front-end solutions?
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    Are you looking only for encoding or you do editing as well?

    I did over 100 encodings with RipBot264 and its pretty good. However, it had problem with some odd-encoded sound tracks in a couple of MKVs and I used Handbrake for those. I, however, found Handbrake to have a lot of options, are you sure you were using the latest version? The author is updating it constantly.

    However, it really depends on the formats you're working with :p. Also, it could help installing the K-Lite codec pack. I always have that one installed, I am not sure if it helps the encoders, but I never had problems with encoding videos with that codec pack and the RipBot/Handbrake combo.
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    one of the issues I ad with handbrake was that how it compiled the final file

    I like to view all the complicated info about the file using a program like mediainfo

    With Handbrake encodes, a lot of the info., for instance, audio bitrate, or VBR max bitrate of video, are not displayed. Have not been able to determine which settings lead to this. Encodes using StaxRip show everything!

    Nice thing with StaxRip is it has a lot more pre-made templates for the complicated stuff.

    I am generally going to be making lower bitrate HD rips.

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