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DENVER (CBS4) ― The Denver man who is pushing a ballot measure to have the city form an "ET Commission" showed video of what he says is an alien Friday morning at a news conference. Reporters were allowed to view the video, but only a still image of it was released to the media.

Jeff Peckman said aliens visit his friend Stan Romanek all the time.

Romanek, who lives in Colorado Springs, allegedly recorded the alien video while living in Nebraska.

The pair has a deal with a documentary company for the rights to the video.

"Not all wrinkly like ET, the extraterrestrial, just youthful, smooth skin, large wide kind of eyes," said Peckman.

Read more about it here.

Official site is here, and he has it is supposed to have drawings but it comes back with a 404 error now.
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it looks fake


doesnt that look like a cartoon?
Show us this video so we can debunk it and go on with our meaningless lives.
I saw a video on YouTube but it did not officially say it was it. The one I saw looked fake but I dont think a video has been released. The articles are mispelling the guys name even. Does not look too credible.
The "orbs" are also found in ghost cases. They're actually dust particles in the room.
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