[Video] Starcraft: World Cyber Games 2005

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by jonadrian619, Sep 28, 2008.

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    I've found a video comprehending a segment of a National Geographic Channel documentary about the World Cyber Games 2005, Starcraft games. It covers up 3 games for the Starcraft category and the intense action during the games themselves. Here's the video!


    I watched the whole documentary years ago when it was aired in the channel, it's great and exciting, as a Starcraft veteran player!

    The whole story includes most of the S. Korean gamers' lifestyles and rigorous training sessions for Starcraft, as well as foreign gamers from around the world, and many more, including the games of the Starcraft category, and scientific experiments (tests) on the gamers (brain scans) to check out how fast they react and think.

    After watching it again, this fueled my passion for joining the WCG someday, which was my greatest ambition since my elementary years. If I were to qualify in WCG then I'd go for the Starcraft II category if they'll include the game!
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    I watched this a year ago on the Interweb, it was quite interesting.

    Good luck getting into the WCG, you'll need all the luck you can get!
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    They should have a War3 show... it's a bit more diverse than SC.

    TvT matches aren't fun to watch anyways.

    Nice vid though.

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