US News Visa cancellation and repatriation of Chinese students entering the United States with body armor

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    Overseas Network, Aug. 28, according to the U.S. World Daily, 27, a Chinese student studying at a famous university in Michigan, was asked by the Customs to enter the cottage for detailed inspection on suspicion of carrying a bullet-proof vest when he returned from China to Detroit International Airport, despite the honest declaration of the Chinese student when he entered the Customs. Bulletproof vest, but customs law enforcement officers still refused to allow him to enter, cancelled his U.S. visa, and then repatriated his original aircraft.

    Reported that when the Chinese student arrived at Detroit airport to queue for customs entry, he was randomly selected for a second security check. He had declared that his baggage had a bullet-proof vest, but customs officers immediately conducted a comprehensive search of him.

    The student said that all electronic products, including his portable computer and mobile phone, were checked by the customs and then detained.

    The student said he believed the items had been sent to the U.S. Anti-Terrorist Organization for inspection. The student said that he did not think that he had any illegal activities, that he had to use the bullet-proof vest for himself, that he had no malicious intentions, and that it was innocent to be refused entry.

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