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How do I go about creating a directory and giving it full "read and write" privledges?

Thanks muchos.
Right-click an empty space in the folder you want to put it in and choose New--> Folder

Once created, right-click and choose Properties and then go to the security tab. Add the users you want with the appropriate permissions.

This hasn't changed from previous versions so is there more to your question?
Well, im sure if thier more to it,

but, this - I suppose - is more specific.

Error_loader_nocache - Unable to create cache directory.
Runescape was unable to find a suitable place to store its temporary files. To solve this please either:

Login to your computer as an 'administator' user, and then try loading RuneScape again. This should give it sufficient access to create its temporary cache.

Or, create a new directory called c:/rscache or /rscache. If possible, set that directory to have full read+write permissions so that all users can write to it. Runescape should then detect that directory and use it for its files.

If you are unable to do either of the above, then as a last resort you can tell RuneScape not to store any files on the harddisk. When entering the site and choosing between high-detail/low-detail also select 'Unsigned Applet Using Default Java' from the dropdown scroll at the bottom of the detail select page. You will need to do this everytime you load the game. The disadvantage of this is the game will load slower, so if possible use one of the top two solutions instead.

If problems persist then please refer to our technical FAQ which can be found in the FAQ section of our website.

I'm an admin, so I don't understand why I have this issue in the first place.
Or, create a new directory called c:/rscache or /rscache. If possible, set that directory to have full read+write permissions .

That should give you all the information you need. Just go to drive C, look for the folder "rscache", if it isn't there create it, then do the steps given by rapmaster above.

You used to be able to choose the applet which runescape used which is what the final paragraph is talking about. It looks like it's been replaced with "Safe Mode". If you can't get it to work, try enabling safe mode. I doubt you're alone with this problem though. File access on Vista can be annoying. Although I don't think you need to run runescape as an administrator...
Glad you got it working. In Vista you can also try right-clicking on the shortcut to the program and "Run As Administrator" to work around most compatibility problems. Not the best from a security point of view but it tends to work for old games/apps.

(In Vista, with the User Access Control feature - on by default - even if you are logged on with an account that is a member of the Administrators group, your admin access is stripped except for operations that you explicitly elevate through one of those "A program wants access to your computer" prompts that the Mac commercials make fun of. Really they aren't so bad once you get through your initial computer setup unless you have a lot of old apps.... Being a member of Administrators just means you can do these elevations without typing another password. A bit off-topic.)
totally off topic

but when you install a new game under vista always use : Run As Administrator this also applies to launching the game you just installed

sometimes registry settings need tobe applied ..
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