Spell [vJASS]Rupture [v1.2f] by baassee


Change can be a good thing
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could use same trigger for cast and effect recognition, and differentiate from there

in Conditions, no need to set values to locals, just use them in the create function call

why force the spell hotkey when stopping the cast?

i also thinks its silly to require xe and xedamage when all you are using it for is to deal damage

you should really avoid all fancy maths when uneeded. for instance, you always calcualte distance, even if the spell is over, the target is dead, or its past the damage interval
on top of that, you could remove the SquareRoot call by comparing to a squared break point

what happened to uplaoding two seperate versions?

lastly using T32 for this is silly, as you aren't doing damage all that often - as such, its much less efficient as a by product

sorry I can't approve this right now, not because of the menial change suggestions, as there are bigger, more tangible problems that exist


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It's been quite a while since emjlr posted, I think it's safe to say this is inactive.

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