VOTE: Banner Contest Submissions!

VOTE: Banner Contest Submission!

  • AgentPaper

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  • Ilendil

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • MercChris

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • husky_003

    Votes: 3 11.5%
  • SD_Ryoko

    Votes: 12 46.2%
  • UnkowVector

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Krakka

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • xPhere

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  • Player_11

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  • Pyromancer

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The Helper

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This poll is to vote on the new banner for!

ALL submissions are inside this thread. Please review all choices before voting.

This is the poll for all users.

There is also an admin only poll.

Best of luck!


From the depths, I come.
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Here's mine, please send any comments or suggestions, so I can make it better (if needed).


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  • thehelper.jpg
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Just ask me to change colors textures backround anything and ill get to it right away. :D Ask away cause i got plenty time on my hands. ;)


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Well here's another one, that I personally think is better than my other one.

REMEMBER: All of my banners will/are completely editable. Edit anything (colour, font, etc).

The little "orbs" at the top, I think could be used for two reasons:
•Changing colour schemes (if that happens ;). And if that does I can change the colour of them accordingly).

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy.


  • banner with text (NE).jpg
    banner with text (NE).jpg
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First I'll say, its too bad some people submit about 10 different ones to vote on, hoping one will hit the mark.

Here I present two variations. One with capitals, and one with lowercase like the existing logo. A combination can be used as well.

My banner should fit on an 800 resolution, as it can resize with the forum. It also resizes smaller than the forum table does anyway. It can fit on all forum pages and a modified main page.

The gray line is conditional, as long as it can be made resizeable to match the current forum width of the screen using CSS or some other method.


  • Ryoko Banner 1.jpg
    Ryoko Banner 1.jpg
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  • Ryoko Banner 2.jpg
    Ryoko Banner 2.jpg
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I come from the net ... My format, Vector.
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800 wide and 100 high. The one on the right is the preview, the one on the left is the one I want to submit.

Good luck to you all.


It only does everything.
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What I came up with..

First one is just the banner, the second one is the one with the forum behind it.

There is some empty space and you could maybe fill it with a description of the forum. I don't know... ;)

[edit] fixed typo and changed the banner a little.
Added round end.

Thank you SD_Ryoko for telling me how to see how it looks on the forum.
Mine looks very alike SD_Ryoko (even though his is better :)) because I saw a very proffesional design in his and I tried to do something alike.


  • THBanner3.jpg
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  • BannerForum3.jpg
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One more new submission, first image is only the logo, second is when integrated in TheHelper.


  • TheHelperScreen.jpg
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  • TheHelperScreenIntegrated.jpg
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I could change this in my User CP.
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Boxy, Glowy, and FLASHY!

Boxy, Glowy, and FLASHY!
Here is my banner that i would like to submit. I named it Boxy, Glowy, and FLASHY! because it is boxy like the style of the forums (all i see are boxxes and some triangles), Glowy because the letters glow, FLASHY! becuase of the solar flare thingy i put on the left hand side. I made room for adding text like the definition of the site (located at the home page of these forums... the one under banner) and yea... so i hope you like it (i made it by hand on the computer so i bet i could do better with some fancy art program, but this is what i can do without and im happy :D)

Here it is:


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Hmmm, my vote goes for either Ilendil or Royoko, they go nice with the allready desing of the website. Now to choose...


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Lol, Ryoko won. But i think MeRcChRiS' was pretty good too.
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