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Hi everyone,
I'm looking to make an RPG. The problem is, after looking at others' terrains and map, I realized just how bad I am at it. I'm looking for someone who can do terrain and can make ideas with me. I'm a programmer, and will code.
Is anyone interested? I'm open to any idea at this point, so if you have a specific type of RPG in mind, I'd almost surely go along with it. We could discuss ideas and what the rpg will be like if someone wants to join me.


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What can I start with? I'm looking for a terrainer after all :\

I programmed a few systems: leveling, SP, backpack, and job up. I guess I can post those if it would convince someone o.o. I'm not going to devote a bunch of time if no one's going to help me.


> I'm looking for a terrainer after all
You have to understand that WC3 is no longer as popular as it used to be.
You may not get the support that you want.
A proper game doesn't really require an awesome terrain. Just something temporary will suffice.

> I'm not going to devote a bunch of time if no one's going to help me.
Then I guess you might as well don't start at all.
You sound unconvincing. It's hard to get help if you're not convinced yourself.
Of course, overconfidence is a problem too....

> I guess I can post those if it would convince someone
Well, at least something playable if possible.
As I said, awesome terrain isn't all that important.
People will come eventually if your game is good.


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I think it is - I won't play games if the terrain looks terrible. Anyways, I've started working on something else, continuing a game the maker quit from. The terrain's already beautiful there. So, this can be closed.


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Some advice for you: You're much more likely to get interest if you have something playable. When you have the core systems setup, then you can make a basic map to show off the systems you have.

Even if you feel your terraining skills arent up to snuff to make a map you are happy with for the final product, having a playable version is a must if youre looking for other people to be interested.
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