wanting to share sutff I've made but unsure of "submission rules"


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I can't seem to find your policy anywhere on what you can and can't share on this subform. I have questions such "what's your policy on importing from other games?" and "what do you do if you used someone else's work to make your work?"


Feel free to sticky this once there is an answer if you see fit to do so.


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Where and what do you want to submit? Are you talking about writing a thread in the member's project forum about your custom map? In that case, just go ahead. As long as the map is allowed on Battle.net, it should be fine here.

There might be some exception to the rule. However, if we feel like your thread/map doesn't fit our policy, we'll contact you about it and find a way to solve it.

Give credit if you feel like someone else deserves credit because you used their work for something.
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