Spell War Barrage


War Barrage v1.1
by Magoiche

Leakless?: Yep
Lagless?: Yep
Requirements: NewGen and PolledWait2(Inside the Map)
Import Difficult: Medium

Description: Using his amazing skills of nanotechnology the caster create a etheral indestructable tank in 0.25 seconds. The casters enters the tank and start sending waves of powerfull rockets doing damage in an AoE every 0.20 seconds and stuning enemies for 1 second.

Level 1 - 20 Damage and 175 AoE.
Level 2 - 30 Damage and 200 AoE.
Level 3 - 40 Damage and 225 AoE.
Level 4 - 50 Damage and 250 AoE.



////             War Barrage              ////
////          by Magoiche Saika           ////
////NOTE: Everything that you can't change////
////       in this script you can in the  ////
////              Object Editor.          ////

scope WarBarrage initializer Initial

    private constant integer WarBarrageSpellRawData = 'A000'
    // Raw Data of the War Barrage spell
    private constant integer WarBarrageTankDummyRawData = 'u000'
    // Raw Data of the Tank Dummy that will apear in the place of the caster
    private constant integer RocketsSpellRawData = 'A001'
    // Raw Data of the Rockets spell
    private constant integer WarBarrageDummyRawData = 'u001'
    // Raw Data of the Dummy
    private constant integer WarBarrageNumberOfWavesPerLevel = 2
    // Number of waves per level Ex: Lvl-1: 2 Lvl-2: 4... 
    private constant real WarBarrageTimeBetweenWaves = 0.25
    // Time between each wave
    private constant real WarBarrageDistanceOfWaves = 150
    // Distance between each wave
    private constant real WarBarrageDummyTimedLife = 3
    // The time the Dummy will live. Put it something more than the Effect Duration for the Rockets Spell
    private constant string RocketsOrderString = "clusterrockets"
    // Rockets Use/Turn On Order Id
    private constant integer WarBarrageTankDummyRedVertexColor = 255
    // Red Vertex Color for the Tank. Max 255 Min 0
    private constant integer WarBarrageTankDummyGreenVertexColor = 255
    // Green Vertex Color for the Tank. Max 255 Min 0
    private constant integer WarBarrageTankDummyBlueVertexColor = 255
    // Blue Vertex Color for the Tank. Max 255 Min 0
    private constant integer WarBarrageTankDummyTrasnparency = 190
    // Transparency for the Tank. Max 255 Min 0
    private constant real WarBarrageDestroyTreeAoE = 250
    // AoE that each wave will kill trees. Put 0 and trees won't be destroyed.
    private constant string WarBarrageEnterTankSpecialEffect = "Abilities\\Spells\\Human\\HolyBolt\\HolyBoltSpecialArt.mdl"
    // Effect that apears when the caster enters the tank

private function PolledWait2 takes real Duration returns nothing
    local real TimeRemaining
    local real st = TimerGetElapsed( bj_gameStartedTimer )
    if st <= 0 then
        set bj_gameStartedTimer = CreateTimer()
        call TimerStart( bj_gameStartedTimer, 1000000, false, null )
    if Duration > 0 then
            set TimeRemaining = Duration - TimerGetElapsed( bj_gameStartedTimer ) + st
            exitwhen TimeRemaining <= 0
            if ( TimeRemaining > bj_POLLED_WAIT_SKIP_THRESHOLD ) then
                call TriggerSleepAction( 0.1 * TimeRemaining )
                call TriggerSleepAction( bj_POLLED_WAIT_INTERVAL )

private function EnumDestructablesInCircle2 takes real radius, location loc, code actionFunc returns nothing
    local rect r
    local real centerX = GetLocationX( loc )
    local real centerY = GetLocationY( loc )
    if radius > 0 then
    set bj_enumDestructableCenter = loc
    set bj_enumDestructableRadius = radius
    set r = Rect( centerX - radius, centerY - radius, centerX + radius, centerY + radius )
    call EnumDestructablesInRect( r, filterEnumDestructablesInCircleBJ, actionFunc )
    call RemoveRect( r )
    set r = null

private function KillTrees takes nothing returns nothing
    call KillDestructable( GetEnumDestructable() )

private function Conditions takes nothing returns boolean
    return GetSpellAbilityId() == WarBarrageSpellRawData

private function Actions takes nothing returns nothing
    local integer LoopAIndex = 0
    local real WaveDistance = WarBarrageDistanceOfWaves
    local unit Caster = GetTriggerUnit()
    local real CasterFacing = GetUnitFacing( Caster )
    local real x = GetUnitX( Caster )
    local real y = GetUnitY( Caster )
    local unit Dummy = CreateUnit( GetOwningPlayer( Caster ), WarBarrageTankDummyRawData, x, y, CasterFacing )
    local real CastX
    local real CastY
    local location CastLoc
    local integer NumberOfWaves = WarBarrageNumberOfWavesPerLevel * GetUnitAbilityLevel( Caster, WarBarrageSpellRawData )
    call SetUnitPathing( Caster, false )
    call DestroyEffect( AddSpecialEffect( WarBarrageEnterTankSpecialEffect, x, y ) )
    call SetUnitPosition( Dummy, x, y )
    call ShowUnit( Caster, false )
    call SelectUnit( Caster, false )
    call SetUnitVertexColor( Dummy, WarBarrageTankDummyRedVertexColor, WarBarrageTankDummyGreenVertexColor, WarBarrageTankDummyBlueVertexColor, WarBarrageTankDummyTrasnparency )
    call UnitApplyTimedLife( Dummy, 'BFTL', ( NumberOfWaves * WarBarrageTimeBetweenWaves ) + WarBarrageDummyTimedLife )
    set x = x + 50 * Cos( CasterFacing * 0.017 )
    set y = y + 50 * Sin( CasterFacing * 0.017 )
        exitwhen LoopAIndex >= NumberOfWaves
        set Dummy =  CreateUnit( GetOwningPlayer( Caster ), WarBarrageDummyRawData, x, y, CasterFacing )
        set CastX = x + WaveDistance * Cos( CasterFacing * 0.017 )
        set CastY = y + WaveDistance * Sin( CasterFacing * 0.017 )
        set CastLoc = Location( CastX, CastY )
        call UnitApplyTimedLife( Dummy, 'BFTL', WarBarrageDummyTimedLife )
        call UnitAddAbility( Dummy, RocketsSpellRawData )
        call SetUnitAbilityLevel( Dummy,  RocketsSpellRawData, GetUnitAbilityLevel( Caster, WarBarrageSpellRawData ) )
        call IssuePointOrder( Dummy, RocketsOrderString, CastX, CastY )
        call PolledWait2( WarBarrageTimeBetweenWaves )
        call EnumDestructablesInCircle2( WarBarrageDestroyTreeAoE, CastLoc, function KillTrees )
        set LoopAIndex = LoopAIndex + 1
        set WaveDistance = WaveDistance + WarBarrageDistanceOfWaves
    call PolledWait2( WarBarrageDummyTimedLife - ( 1.35 * WarBarrageTimeBetweenWaves ) )
    call SetUnitPosition( Caster, x, y )
    call ShowUnit( Caster, true )
    call SetUnitPathing( Caster, true )
    call SelectUnit( Caster, true )
    call RemoveLocation( CastLoc )
    set CastLoc = null
    set Caster = null
    set Dummy = null

private function Initial takes nothing returns nothing
    local trigger trig = CreateTrigger()
    call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ( trig, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT )
    call TriggerAddCondition( trig, Condition( function Conditions ) )
    call TriggerAddAction( trig, function Actions )
    set trig = null


- Vexorian for the PolledWait2

v1.0 - Created and Submited the Spellpack
v1.1 - Fixed the Dummy position. Thanks to Trollvottel

Instructions of how to import inside the map!​


WEHZ Helper
Code looks good.
Looks good from the screenie too.
Although I think you maybe got a little missile SFX happy ;) :p .
Good nonetheless.

EDIT: Maybe you could link the "NewGen" text to the NewGen Thread?



I don't get the SFX part. i.i
Add the link. Thanks =P


Its is like you said.
But with the part you can't die because you are in a indestructable tank.
And its a line of rockets.

Anyway i apreciate your comments.

+rep both


Forum User
War Barrage looks cool, and fun.

People need to make more spells with a lot of eyecandy stuff, or things that grab attention.



Thanks for the comment. +rep

Yeah. Eyecandyness of 1337 doom pwns all i.i

Any more suggestion or comment?

I am waiting them =P


never aging title
the missiles dont seem to be fired by the tank but to come from inside it. so please change the starting point of the missiles a bit.


Thanks for the comments! +rep


Fixed. Thanks for notcing it. ^^

Added v1.1

- Fixed Dummy Position. thanks to Trollvottel
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