AoS War of the Elements


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Hello again :)
Yes, it would be cool to know what are the changes from version to version (it's good to attract people as well). Changelog is a good sign that the map is free of bugs/ leaks/ malfunctions, so that people will likely test "another warcraft III map" :)

I would love to check your new version, although i am at a net cafe and my home-full-access-World Editor is not currently available :/
I will likely update my comments, though, if you changed all those things i told you, it will be an indeed interesting map for me.


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Yeah, i'm pretty sure i fixed EVERYTHING :D

but then about the changelog we have right now, i think i forgot about all the things we changed D:


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This looks pretty damn cool...oddly enough I am also making an elemental themed map...that seems to be popular, although my map is a footman wars map. Good luck to yours, it looks pretty damn cool. If I ever see it around U.S. East, I'll definitely join it.


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Now updated to 1.23a! Sorry, took a while, I finished it about a week ago, but then I never got round to updating.


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Updated to v1.25

THERE HAVE BEEN DRAMAAAAATIC changes since last released version (v1.23) due to the patch that made most maps unplayable.
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