War of the forgotten


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After Arthas took the Lich King's Throne, the few remaing Human, Orc that fled to durotan, the forgotten undead left to defend loderon from being retaken, and Blood Elf detroyed from there loss at icecrown led by Keal, resided to the canyon of Ajeb to fight in there leaders honeur.

War of the forgotten is a 4 team Aos. 1 computer and 2 players on each team. 32 heros (8 per race): 4 mele heros (strength and agility bassed) 2 ranged (agilty bassed) and 2 casters (intelligence bassed). When a team defeats a certain teams base, the killing team recives another base and another minor spwan.

Many game modes such as old aliiences whice allys team 1 and 3 as well as team 2 and 4. Making it more of a 4v4 Aos.

When you kill an enemy hero you get 5%Xthe enemy hero level of there gold.

There will be buyable upgrades for each team. The first few will be very minor however the more and more you buy will make more of an impact making it crucial to get upgrades in the early stages of the game.

The expected release date is october (dont know if its either the beggining of end) as I have the terrain completed and about 1/2 of the heros.

Any feedback/ideas will be welcome that you have that can make Wotf the best it can be.

When all hope is lost, and you are all but forgotten, all left to do...is fight for your honneur.


mmm. Sounds good for me. Ideas? well, all the aos stuff (bookshop, etc...). if all heroes'll be unique, you could make trigger spells as Ultimate spell..


souns cool i especially think that when you defeat a base you get another base is a good idea


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Ya i'm trying to make all the heros as original as they can be.

Il get some screens soon to.:)


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Still planning to use my custom minimap image? The map sounds good, but try adding something to it that makes it unique, that makes us play your AOS instead of one of the thousands of others.


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Ya i'm still using that awsom minimap image :) (and don't worry i'm giving credit) and ya im still thinking of some things that make it original.

-edit- hmmmm i guese this thread could have been put in the Th. net members projects. If some one wants to move it there its fine by me.

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What I like to do with these threads is let them develop a little in the World Editor Forum before moving them over to the Projects forum.


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Ah i see, saying as the World Editor forum is such a popular one (almost 10 000 threads, give it a few months or so :eek::eek:)

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The Helper said:
What I like to do with these threads is let them develop a little in the World Editor Forum before moving them over to the Projects forum.
Worked wonders for "The Evil", which I must go back to working on :D

Sounds cool. I'll help with the Blood Elf ideas >D ODE TO THE BLOOD ELFYNESS!


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Well, I have an idea to make it unique, although it's a very big load of work and JASS would probably be required. Try adding this spell system:

-You have got a basic spell for every element (not the standard 4, but even more).
-Every spell has levels, you can't level them up by spending skillpoints, only by using them. Every usage gives like 2 or 3 xp and the xp you need per level goes like 50 100 175 275 400 525 etc.
-At certain levels spells can form a combination. You can combine them someway, making a new spell of them, starting at level 1 again. For example: You combine three spells: A fire spell lvl 5, an electricity spell at lvl 3 and an air spell at lvl 1. You get a new spell that calls down 3 beams of fire from the air.
-The already combined spells can be combined again two times, but then you have a 3-times-combined spell, that cannot be combined anymore.
-All the information about the spell is given in it's description, and seeing that the xp gets updated every time used, you will probably need jass to edit the description.

MMORPG freaks might recognize this system :). If you want an example of this system try playing Thang Online (but do not get addicted to it, you need to map, remember? =)


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Wow that would take alot of jass work to make that work. I might use that systym in my map if i learn jass, but it seems to be more for a Rpg type map. Thx for the idea anyways :)


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For Undead
-No demon units, remeber the undead broke from the legion and the legion itself is nearly destoryed (which means no dreadlords, pitlords, felbeasts, ext)
-The undead need corpses to play a bigger role for them heros need to use them better (Warcraft 3 failed the undead in that respect The Death Knight, Necromancer, And Cannablism are all that use corpses)

Cant thinkof anything else execpt this

-Dont use tomes (and if you have to MAJOR nerf them)


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Thx for the ud idea and i'm not gonna use any tomes as in my oppoin it turns the game into more of a hero arena.


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=) a bumb. Speaking about ideas for your map:

-Do something else than the standard recipes, they are boring because there are so many maps featuring them. Maybe let the heroes buy units and combine them, or let them cross war beasts. Do something new! Make your map interesting!
-Test a lot. Even at early stage, try protecting it and playing online to see what ppl think. I did this with TIHM, too. Well, I still have that first alpha and a lot of the changes were contributed by ppl from battle.net. You are making the map for them after all, not for yourself. Try making what they like if you want your map to be popular.
-Keep a clean structure when mapping, from the beginning. It helps yourself to find things, and makes things easier for ppl when you make it open-source.


Everyones working on an AoS... Theres already enough AoS's jeez dont you learn after your first one :nuts:


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Yes you're right, Rad, that's why I'm telling him to do something unique. Maybe hybrid it with another map genre.


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AoS + Good Quest + TD = wtf... I_I, 13 3 12___C () () L

AoS- ...what'da'ya think...

Good Quest- Quests that are good

TD- Heres my idea...

Theres a spot where all these moran goblins or something like that come out of a cave. 
Then they go kamikaze to the bases and the heros have to stop them but can only make 2 towers.
Anyway yea thats my little idea

You need custom units for the compertuer kill-me or whatever they are need spells and auras that they use to add new diminsions. Mabey the blood elf could have like 20 attack and 200 hp and the undead have 10 attack and 400 hp... anyway you get the idea

Set Variable - Set BalenceTimer to /\/\ @ J () 12   T 1 /\/\ 3
Balence - Start Balence
Wait - Wait for (BalenceTimer)
Display - Display string "() /\/\ G   H @ V 3   F I_I, I\I"
Set Variable - Set PersonWhoMadeMeCrazyAboutTypeingLikeThis to Im_On_56k


I have seen this in Another AOS (4 way aos), just not exactly this way.

U have these scrolls that costs alot of gold bougth from at store in the middle of the map (selling to both teams). These scrolls can do all sorts of stuff, like summoning a giant monster to help your side, or to boost all the creeps u have atm, or create a thunderstomr over a targeted area etc.

Hes the tricky part. To be able to use these scrolls, u have to go into a circle in teh middle of the map, and then start reading what the scrolls says. When u have read teh first word, u will be locked inplace until the scroll is finnished, or ur dead. The scroll has alot of sentences (that goes something like: Krakor el de ligine gazzi eftur. And then comes another sentence) that u have to say after each other, if u do it to slow u loose the spell, if u create a spelling erro, u will have to type teh sentence again.

When a player starts a scroll, a game message will be displayed to all players saying: Player1 has started casting the spell: Summon mega monster.

And now its up to the oposing team to stop u from firing this spell, and up to your team mates to protect u. These spells will be very powerfull.

I think this would be cool :)
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