War of the Gods Hero Portraits


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I currently need some pictures/images/portraits of the following heroes in my map:

Odin, God of Vikings
Freya, Goddess of War
Heimdall, the Watcher
Idun, Goddess of Immortality
Loki, Trickster
Thor, God of Thunder
Ull, God of Archery
Skadi, Goddess of Skis
Njord, Priest of Sacrifice
Hrist, Dark Valkyrie
Lenneth, Chooser of the Slain
Hild, Battle-Maiden
Zeus, Lord of Olympia
Poseiden, Lord of the Sea
Hades, Lord of the Underworld
Ares, God of War
Athena, Daughter of Olympia
Apollo, God of Light
Hermes, Messenger
Artemis, Huntress
Nemesis, Avenger
Eros, Goddess of Strife
Thanathos, God of Death
Hercules, Demigod
Surt, Lord of the Giants
Hel, Goddess of the Underworld
Brahms, King of the Undead
Bloodbane, Evil Dragon
Fenrir, Lord of Wolves
Gabriel Celeste, Dark Angel
Iseria Queen, Seraph
Nhiddog, Giant Serpent
Fafnir, Fire Dragon
Beliza, Vampire Queen
Akhetamen, Death Pharaoh
Genevieve, Lich Queen
Cronus, Dark Titan
Hyperion, Titan of Light
Prometheus, Wise Titan
Atlas, Titan of War
Coeus, Titan of Intelligence
Themis, Titan of Justice and Order
Oceanus, Sea Titan
Gaea, Earth Goddess
Mnemosyne, Titan of Memory
Epimethius, Pandora Titan
Uranus, Sky Titan
Atropos, Death's Fate

If you have an appropriate picture or portrait that you feel it suits any of the characters above, please do post them here.


Note to mods: if you think this thread is more appropriate to be in the World Edit Help Zone, please do help me move it there.
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