Warcraft III Tool



Warcraft III Tool is a complementary application for wc3 gamers and map makers.
It is not any hack or bannable application.

Official Website and Forum, feel free to post to make it live again :)


  • Replay Auto Save
  • Hit Point Show
  • Windows Keys Disable
  • Replay Charter Included
  • Custom Keys Simplification
  • Advanced Game Configuration
  • World Editor Tweaking
  • Various Game Modes
  • Simple and Clear Interface
  • Easy Set Up with Configuration File
  • Multi Language
  • Backpack Helper
  • More to Come ... I Hope So :)

How it works

CustomKeys.txt - copies my custom keys to warcraft 3 directory in keyboard layout version depending to Keyboard parameter from config.ini file.
First it copies old CustomKeys.txt to CustomKeysOld.txt and then it replaces it. When you exit warcraft, old keys are restored.
Keys are assigned for first four lines of letter part of keyboard.
Folowing keys are used for standard qwerty layout:
Abilities are assigned for first QWER keys.
Be sire to set Keyboard parameter in config.ini file as you need.

Hit Points Show - runs little application, which presses [ and ] keys, when there is wc3 window.
In effect it shows hit points bars over each unit. Can be enabled/disabled for enemy and/or ally.

Replay Auto Saver - runs application, which saves replay after each game played.
Replays are saved in following way
<wc3replay directory>\WC3Save\<data>\<player><race>-vs- <player><race> <map>

Backpack Helper - binds first two keys in first two lines into numlock keys. Use CTRL to use with.
For standard qwerty layout it works like this:
CTRL+Q works as Num7
CTRL+Z works as Num1

Windows Key Disable - disables windows key and alt+q hotkey. Use CTRL+ESC to minimize.

World Editor - When you use tool to run World Editor, settings from config.ini are saved into registry.

Config.ini Configuration


Is that bannable by Blizzard?
No, It's not. It doesn't change game in any form. To prove it, here is a link:

I'm open to any critics and propositions.

If you need special options, just say what you need.
You can help me by translating.

There are also maps made by me on my website.





Very Nice!

Thanks Mefhisto, I'll definitely put this sucker to good use!

ChamberLand Gaming Studios
Currently in Development: Marine Special Forces 2: The Dark Queen
Give Feedback and DL Wallpapers at: http://cgstudios.blogspot.com


Gone but not forgotten
Very interesting...
You intend to make this open source perhaps?


New Member
the page changed can someone repost it please? if it got taken down can someone post the file?
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