WarCraft Invasion


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WarCraft Invasion

WarCraft is under seige and only you and 6 other players are there to stop the invasion from reaching the borders of your cities!

Map Details
Size: 128 x 128
Expansion Required: Yes
Genre: FPS Defence
File Size: ??
Doodads: ??
Tileset: Ashenvale
Regions: 21
Triggers: ??

Game Play
This map is a FPS (First Person Shooter) where you take controll of a single defender that can build/setup machine guns, AA towers, and cannons. You must survive 50 strikes of units from air, land, and sea! Each strike will last between 3-5 minutes and the time lenght is choosen at random. The type of unit coming is air every 4 rounds starting at round 3, sea is every 4 rounds starting at round 2, and ground is every 4 rounds starting at round 1. The last round contains all three types of units. The players have 50 lives, one for each strike, so the players must be well focused and must have the ability to work togethor. The path the 'creeps' take is what they chose to take from where they spawn (shown above).

How to Play
You are given a defender which can setup/build a AA tower, machine gun, and a cannon. Each weapon can shoot every type of unit, but will only cause 50% of the normal damage. You have 2 minutes inbetween strikes to upgrade lives, rockets, bullets, and speed of fire. To shoot the weapon you will click the 'F' key and aim and click to fire, but it is NOT homing! So you will have to aim accuratly. Each player has a area infront of them where the 'creeps' try to get. Once a 'creep' enters that area the players lose a life. When they reach 0 they lose.

I'm thinking the map will be done next week or the week after, but no garentees. This will be updated frequently because i think this will become a popular map (hopefully)​

Player 11

PS: Any suggestions/comments/complaints are very welcome! So please reply to this map idea.


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Warcraft Invasion? Warcraft isn't a place is it? Shouldn't it be something like, (Place Name) Invasion?


-So, you can decide what type of gun you are to use at the beginning of the game?

-Will you change the camera view? Maybe to the realistic, gun pilot view?


Maybe you could add some spells which you could use from time to time? Or maybe you don't want it to be too complicated.

You could have some auto attack units that the player could hire, with low damage and no homing enabled or something...


Maybe you could have like 2 units for each invader type...
Like AA gun and Missile Tower for airborne
Machine Gun & Grenade Launcher
Cannon & Torpedo Gun (Whatever)


From the depths, I come.
One idea I want to see in a TD is that, instead of having a big maze with just towers, make it so you can make units attack the attacking creeps, adding another dimension to the gameplay. just have it so you can add a few creeps to something, and have upgrades you can research, and then have them automatically attack-move to the area where the creeps spawn.


lol. Back in the day, before we had fancy editors like WE, all the starcraft 'defense' maps used regular units for higher tier stuff, the reason being that you could only have one unit based on each StarCraft unit, so there couldn't be many stationary towers.
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