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Hey so I'm making this map sorta like a free for all hero arena. I decided I'd release the first one with 24 heroes, and knowing I would never manage to think up and make 24 custom heroes, I decided I'd take the 16 melee map heroes, Dark Ranger, Naga Sea Witch, and 6 custom heroes. All basic abilities in my map have 6 levels, you can start them at level one with a level skip requirement of 3. All ultimate abilities have 3 levels, you can get them at level 6, and have level skip of 5. The problem is, there are 3 abilities that wouldn't work with the game: Warden's Blink, because warping between areas would ruin the game, Archmage's Mass teleport, because for one you only control a hero and no units to bring with you so this would suck, but also you have no main base to warp to, and Paladin's Resurrection, because there are no allies to resurrect. So I'm in desperate need of ability ideas to replace these. Please make sure you state clearly what the ability does, no overpowered spells, make sure the abilities actually make sense with the heroes (no bash on archmage -_-), and make sure it's not too complicated to make: last time I tried a trigger spell it took forever to get right.
One more note: for Resurrection I've tried making it work on enemies, but that makes them resurrect for the enemy, and triggers weren't working to fix it. I tried basing it off of Animate Dead but that makes them Undead so Holy Light won't work on them.
for ressurection, can't you just raise units, not from dead units.. just raise units.. i think Archimonde in regular melee map has this skill

for Archmage, make his ult a target unit castable so he can teleport a friendly hero to him.. might be useful when the hero is low on hp, and running from enemies.. arch mage can just tele the hero to him...

remove warden's blink, and give her slow poison.. which reduces enemy's attack/move speed by x% every level...
Like the idea for warden, but wont that make shadow strike sorta useless? Also, this is supposed to be free for all, so the Archmage idea won't be usefull at all. As for the pally idea, you mean dark portal? I don't know... I'm a little iffy about the idea of a mass summon for an ulti. Which doesn't explain why I'm okay with the mass revival but still XD. Thanks for the effort though :).
well shadow strike is a castable ability.. Poison will be an active ability... or give it Chance of Poison, which gives a % chance to shadow strike the unit being attacked by the warden, and/or gives a chance to do fan of knives... (kinda boring though)
or great some sort of nature's servants... where it creates invisible units to scope out the map...(if it is fogged, wisp model file..)

for archmage, give him like the ability from Ezalor from Dota.. where he steals mana the more the enemy unit casted upon moves...

paladin's dark portal works.. but instead of creating skeleton warriors, create knights or footmen... you know something humany...
Well the reason I thought it would make Shadow Strike useless is because I was totally forgetting the fact that Shadow Strike and Slow Poison are different types of poison and therefore stack... but I don't know it just seems kinda boring to have 2 poisoning attacks... and then also I'll problably be putting full map vision which means not only will the other one be pointless but that also means I'll need a Priestess of the Moon ability -_-. Maybe I could make it so instead of being Scouts they can explode, dealing damage to nearby units.

A mana drain move on Archmage would sorta be cool except for two things:
1. he already has Brilliance Aura which give him lots of mana regen, but more importantly:
2. this its supposed to be replacing Mass Teleport, which is his ulti. And a mana-stealing ulti isn't exactly very useful...

As for pally, I'll try it and see if I change my mind... meanwhile any other suggestions would be appreciated

One more thing, I've stumbled across some other moves that need changing... here's the full list of abilities I need to change:
Archmage - Mass Teleport / Paladin - Resurrection / Far Seer - Far Sight / Lich - Dark Ritual / Priestess of the Moon - Scout / Keeper of the Grove - Tranquility / Warden - Blink
im sure people have made spell packs for each of those heroes... maybe use a spell if not all the spells from that spell pack...

what about blink strike for warden?
I had a few ideas:
Archmage- Baneful Polymorph: Polymorphs all the units in an area.

Paladin- Wrath of God: (Base it off of Storm Bolt, edit the projectile and the damage to fit your needs.

Far Seer- I'm not sure if you thought about it, but far sight still could be useful if your map has invisble units in it, seeing as it reveals them.

Lich- Dark Conversion: Like WoW's Life Tap, exchanges health for mana.

Warden- I was thinking along the lines of giving her wind walk or crit strike. Or Fleet of Foot: Dramtically increases the Warden's movement speed for X seconds.

I hope this can help you.
Oh also i'd appreciate credit for my ideas, if you use them that is.
Wouldn't you have to change DK's Death Pact and Animate Dead as well as Lich's Dark Conversion?
for the paladin you could use the thunder clap ability and just change the animation to one of his attack animations so it looks like he is slamming his hammer into the ground.

for the lich you could change dark canversion into a spell that converts X% life into mana.

and if you change the death knights death pact it could convert X%mana into heath
and his animate dead into a summon spell

i'm not sure about the rest
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