Warring Kingdoms v1.0


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This is my new map, Warring Kingdoms. This is really just my old map, Kingdom Builder, but I finally managed to reclaim the unprotected version (the old version was stored on a bad hard drive, forgot to save all my data so yeah...).
A quick summary:
You start with a castle, 4 workers and some resources (lumber and mana). You build structures etc., build an army and beat everyone else up, one of those types of games.
-The game has allying and unallying by typing -ally <player number> and -unally <player number>
-Lumber is the primary resource in this game, not gold
I have no effective way of testing this yet, so replays are good. Note that Crazed_Hobo is my battle.net name, so I'm not stealing this map from someone else! Leave any suggestions for balancing here!
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