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あにめ りそす ミダシ

Looking for anime models and resources, this is the right place!​

You must give the creator credit if you use them in your map.
I didn't create any of the resources below.
Note: Models from Warcraft 3 Unlimited (wc3r.forumcircle.com) require registration.

  • General Anime Models
    • Black Stan's Models
    • Bleach
    • Busou Renkin
    • Castlevania
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Code Geass
    • Devil May Cry
    • D.Gray Man
    • Digimon
    • Doraemon
    • Dragon Ball/DBZ/Dragonball GT
    • Evangelion
    • Fate/Stay Night
    • Final Fantasy
    • Full Metal Alchemist
    • Gundam
    • Hellsing
    • InuYasha
    • Journey to the West
    • Kanon
    • King of Fighters
    • Kingdom Hearts
    • Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver
    • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
    • Mazinger Z
    • Megaman
    • Melty Blood
    • Naruto/Naruto Shippuden
    • Negima
    • One Piece
    • Pokemon
    • Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
    • Saint Seiya
    • Samurai Shodown
    • Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin
    • Sengoku Era
    • Sengoku Rance
    • Shakugan no Shana
    • Shaman King
    • Slayers
    • Sonic
    • Soul Calibur
    • Spice and Wolf
    • Street Fighter
    • The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    • Wind Fantasy
    • Zelda
    • Zoids
  • Miscellaneous Anime Models
  • Naruto Spells and Systems
  • Anime Spells and Systems

General Anime Models

Black Stan's Models:

Bleach Models:

Busou Renkin:


Chrono Trigger:

Code Geass:

Devil May Cry:

D.Gray Man:



Dragon Ball:


Fate/Stay Night:

Final Fantasy:

Full Metal Alchemist:




Journey To The West:


King Of Fighters:

Kingdom Hearts:

Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver:

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:

Mazinger Z:


Melty Blood:

Naruto Models:


One Piece Models:

Pokemon Models:

Romance Of The 3 Kingdoms

Saint Seiya:

Samurai Showdown:

Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin:

Sengoku Era:

Sengoku Rance:

Shagukan No Shana:

Shaman King:



Soul Calibur:

Spice and Wolf:

Street Fighter:

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya:


Wind Fantasy:



Miscellaneous Anime Models

  • Knight on Foot - An anime guy with a fancy sword. Prepare your antivirus software before DLing this one.
  • Death Assassin - She's a dark Sun Shang Xiang, or rather a beautiful girl.
  • Impaler, Death Maiden and Death Knightress - All beautiful and elegant high-elven femme fatales that look like anime characters.
  • Assassin - A random female assassin.
  • Tsu - A cute girl holding a huge halberd!
  • Base DBZ Model - A DBZ-style guy, not really a DBZ character. This is the model used as basis for other modelers who make DBZ models!

Naruto Spells and Systems
NOTE: Hmm, some of the maps actually have Naruto models in them, maybe including Naruto, because of the screenshots I saw! Nevertheless, you must give credit to the maker of the model if you are to use it in any map.
  • Naruto Hand Seals - It's a Naruto-based system which simulates the use of Hand Seals to create Jutsus.
  • Gaara Spells - Spells for the character Gaara in Naruto. Spells are Sabaku Kyu, Suna Shigure, Sabaku Soso and Ryuusa Bakuryuu.
  • Naruto Spellpack (1) - A spellpack which contains Kakashi's Chidori and Minato's Rasengan spell.
  • Naruto Spell Pack (2) - Another spellpack containing spells from Naruto. Spells in this pack are; Water Release, Primary Lotus, Ice Needles and Tsukoyomi.
  • Naruto Rendan/Rasengan - Two spells..
  • Naruto Jutsu Pack - A spellpack containing powerful justus from Naruto, which are; Bringer of Darkness Jutsu, Demonic Ice Mirrors (w/ 1000 needles of death ) and Chidori.
  • Naruto Rendan - Another variant of Naruto's Rendan spell.
  • Hakkeshou: Rokuyuu Yonshou (64 Strikes) - This is one of Neji's powerful Justus.
  • Naruto Justus - Another spellpack containing jutsus from Naruto.

Anime Spells and Systems
  • Dragonball Z Spell Pack - A DBZ themed spellpack containing Kamehameha Wave, Kaioken, Eraser Cannon, Big Bang and Planet Eater.
  • Dragonball Z Spell Pack (2) - Another spellpack containing variants of the spells of the above spellpack, and some additional spells!
  • Dragonball Z Spell Pack (2, V2) - Literally version 2 of the above spellpack by MobKing. There are new spells for Trunks and Piccolo so better check it out!
  • Dragonball Z Villain Spell Pack - Spells used by the nasty villains of DBZ. Contains; Destruction Sphere, Death Ball, Legendary Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Finger Beam, Power Strike, Spike Explosion, Cube Phase and Portal Attack.
  • Bleach Spell (Toshiro Hitsugaya) - A map with a spell from a character in Bleach, Toshiro Hitsugaya. THERE is also a model of Toshiro Hitsugaya inside the map, created by Shikamaru_Shadow.

Got some links to anime models/resources/spells that aren't here, thread errors, broken/erroneous links, violent reactions, please respond to this thread. It's a huge list, so take your time:p

Have Fun!


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If you need Anime models or just another place to get wc3 models go to Warcraft 3 Unlimited. There are hundreds of anime models but they aren't the main population there. There are THOUSANDS of models there. Its a really nice site for models if thats what you are looking for. Just remember to register as you have to register to download.


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I can't tell you how many people want naruto models, among other things.
Agreed. Gratz on the sticky.
That's literally a megaton of models out there (even Black Stan's models)! When I'm done with writing for this week's Prose then I'll list and categorize them, it's quite huge and it takes time for me to include it on this list, even I have to totally revamp this thread and index the resources. Other than that, it's a nice find! I'll do it soon.

There are so many Naruto model-seekers in The Hive Workshop.

Thx! I figured that there are lots of people who need anime models so I just made an index here.

It's good, I saw the models too (though I couldn't understand anything, it's pure mandarin chinese!). I'll use Google for translation.


Holy shit there's many models from those wc3r guys.
However I see none from the sites I provided? <.<

Bah, that's ok =)
Sorry, but one of the site I translated into English with Google language tools and it says 'Forbidden' (try and you'll see).

As for the other site, I can't find the links (it aint showing up at the moment.) I'll include them later if I can.

Thanks anyway.


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Just a Q, for the Pokemon models, are they even done? Because I go to the site, but there is no model to download?

You cannot download files in this forum
Oh, I'm not registered.... but the confirmation code is hard.... it says I keep doing wrong one.

EDIT: Ahh finally got through, but some of those are actually bad quality sad to say, Jirachi looks good but it doesn't work or show up inn game.
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