WC3 ShortStory Version


I have made a simplified version of Blizzards Campaign story by using cheats and writing down all the main important story parts.

This may be useful for someone who wants to make a map based on the games storyline, but has forgotten the story..Just as I have..Thats why I made it. This is just the ROC version..I'll do TFT later. All I needed was the ROC story for my map.

Its sorted into #'s so its easier to read and point out errors if you find anything I left out.

Reign of Chaos
Human Campaign​
1) The Prophet warns Thralls people that the only way he can save his people is to travel west to the land of Kalimdor. Thrall agrees.
2) The Prophet gives king Terenas of Lordearon the same warning. Terenas refuses.
3) Blackrock clan orcs try to summon demons. Humans fight them.
4) Prophet warns Dalaran to travel west.
5) The undead plauge the land. Grain gets infected. Kel'thuzad serves the Dreadlord, Malganis. Kel'thuzad gets killed by Arthas.
6) Jaina, Uther, and Arthas arrive at Sratholme. Arthas wants to slay the villagers because the grain that they eat will soon turn them into the undead. Uther and Arthas get into a argument. Uther and Jaina leave. Arthas slays Villagers. Malganis goes to Northrend and tells Arthas to meet him there to settle the score once and for all. Arthas goes to Northrend seeking revenge.
7) Arthas meets up with Muradins forces who are seeking out Frosmourne.
8) Uther recalls the troops, but Arthas burns the ships and blames it on the Ogres before the troops could leave.
9) Malganis surrounds base. Arthas and Uther go to claim Frostmourne..Its their only chance!
10) Muradin dies from the crystal that shoots out at him when Frostmourne comes out.
11) Arthas gets revenge on Malganis and kills him. Then Arthas roams the frosty wastelands of Northrend..as Frostmourne corrupts him and steals his soul.
Undead Campaign
1) Arthas returns to Lordearon and slays his father..King Terenas.
2) Tichondrious tells Arthas that Frostmourne was forged by the Lich King to steal souls..yours was the first soul it claimed.
3) Arthas gathers the Cult of the Damned (Acoyolites) in hiding and kills his own townsfolk.
4) Arthas returns to Anderhal and gathers Kel'Thuzads remains. Tichondrious informs Arthas that the remains need to be taken to the Sunwell in Quel'Thalas..its the only way to revive Kel'Thuzad. However, the remains were to badly composed already so Tichondrious told Arthas to get the magical Urn so that Kel'Thuzads ashes could survive the trip to Quel'Thalas. Arthas kills Uther to get the Urn that holds king Terenas's ashes in it.
5) Arthas goes to Quel'Thalas, Silvermoon(the capital city) and revives Kel'thuzad in Sunwell. The revived Kel'thuzad looks exactly like the Lich in a melee game.
6) Arthas learns the following from Kel'thuzad:"The Lich king was created to prepare the world for the Legions arrival. The Dreadlords, agents of Archimonde(Burning legions leader) were sent to ensure that the Lich king does his job. The Lich king created the Scourge(Undead) to do his bidding and kill all resistance of the legion.
7) Kel'thuzad finds a demon gate and talks with Archimonde about what to do next. Archimonde orders that they go to Dalaran to retrieve Medeive's spellbook, because only the incantations in it are powerful enough to open the portal for the legion to come to the world.
8) Kel'thuzad retrieves the book and summons Archimonde. Archimonde tells Tichondrious(dreadlord) that now they can command the Scourge, he sees no further use for the Lich king.
Orc Campaign

1) Thrall lands in Kalimdor and meets Cairne and the Tauren. Cairne tells Thrall about the Oracle far to the North at StoneTalon peak.
2) Meanwhile back in Lordearon the Legion and the Scourge are terriorizing everything. Mannoroth(demon) and Tichondrious talk. Tichondrious tells Mannoroth that the Orcs have traveled west to Kalimdor. Mannoroth is anxious to slaughter them, because they failed the legion long ago when they had a blood pact with Mannoroth.
3) Grom sent to AshenVille to build base camp for Orcs, while Thrall seeks out the Oracle.
4) Mannoroth and Tichondrious come to Ashenville. Mannoroth spills his blood in a fountain. The orcs will be attracted to it, and once they drink from it will be corrupted by the legion once more and it will revive the blood pact made between Mannoroth and the Orcs long ago.
5) Groms Orcs drink from the blood fountain and serve the legion once more. With there new found power from Mannoroths blood they kill Cenerius, the NightElves DemiGod.
6) Jaina and Thralls people meet up at the Oracle. The Oracle is really the prophet and he lead them all here. The Prophet explains to them that the legion is here and the only way is to unite. Oracle also informs Thrall about Grom being corrupted by the legion.
7) Hellscream saved by Thrall and Jaina.
8) Hellscream sacrifices himself in a noble act to kill Mannoroth and suceeds.
9) Humans and Orcs travel deeper into Ashenville to seek and destroy any of the Legion they find.
NightElves Campaign
1) The Undead, commanded by Tichondrious attack the Orcs, Humans, and NightElves in Ashenville.
2) NightElves see that the legion is here and they awaken Furion, Druids of the Talon, Druids of the Claw, and free Illidan.
3) Arthas tells Illidan to get the Skull of Gul'dan. Arthas and the Lich king hate the Legion now, because Archimonde abandoned the Lich king and gave control of the Scourge to the Dreadlords(Tichondrious). The Skull of Gul'dan contained great demonic power and was the sorce of the corruption of the forest.
4) Illidan gets the Skull of Gul'dan and gains true power, and his metamorphisis form. He uses this new power to kill Tichondrious.
5) Furion sees Illidan in his demon form and banishes him from Ashenville.
6) NightElves, Humans, and Orcs unite against the Legion, thanks to the Prophets reasoning.
7) Furion had a plan, the NightElves give up eternal life and the powers and drain it into the world tree, once Archimonde reaches the tree, it explodes and kills Archimonde, and the Legion. The Humans, Orcs, and NightElves gave Furion enough time before Archimonde reached the tree, and the plan worked perfectly. The Legion, and Archimonde were destroyed.

If you find errors in it, I'm sure there are some spelling errors tell me and I'll try and fix them.


Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.
NightElfs should be NightElves.


Gone but not forgotten
> NightElves give up eternal life and the powers and drain it into the world tree. Tree explodes and kills Archimonde, and the Legion.
You might want to add "last possible moment", "trap", "wisps" etc.


Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.
Yeah, I thought it was the wisps that killed Archimonde...


7) Furion had a plan, the NightElves give up eternal life and the powers and drain it into the world tree, once Archimonde reaches the tree, it explodes and kills Archimonde, and the Legion. The Humans, Orcs, and NightElves gave Furion enough time before Archimonde reached the tree, and the plan worked perfectly. The Legion, and Archimonde were destroyed.
I changed it to this. I think that them wisps were the NightElves powers draining into the World tree.


Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.
Archimonde then led the Undead and the Burning Legion to Mount Hyjal in an attempt to consume the World Tree for its magical powers. However, the combined might of the Orcish Horde, the Human Alliance and the Night Elves served to give enough time to allow the Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage to enact his defence. Malfurion raised the Horn of Cenarius and called upon the ancient guardians of Nordrassil — The Wisps, the spirits of dead Night Elves who remain as nature spirits and wardens — which arose and surrounded Archimonde as he approached the Tree. As their fury was enacted upon the demon, his form began to burn with coruscating energies until finally it could not withstand their wrath. Archimonde was vaporised, burning the World Tree and severing the Legion's bounds to Azeroth. With his death, and the absence of the Tree's magical energies, the Burning Legion once more crumbled before the might of the mortal armies and were banished from the world.
From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archimonde
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