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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by sqrage, Nov 8, 2005.

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    Welcome to the General Games Discussion Forum!

    In here discuss games that you play online, offline, computer, console, etc Post your favorite sites, and talk about pros and cons.

    Please don't bash on peoples posts, if someone likes a game, and took the time to post it, chances are other people like it too. But if you don't like it don't go on an all out rampage to show your hate for it! Thank You :D

    1) Do not post things involving things such as private servers, they are illegal.
    2) Don't post sites directing to Game Gold, or any hacks.
    3) The sitewide Rules, just as everywhere else, are in place here.
    4) Dont ask for CD Key keys or talk about stuff that breaks the Games License agreement.

    I'm (Husky) just going to add something to this:

    If you're doing a Game of the Year (GOTY) thread, do not put 2-3 games which YOU think are the best. For example, "which game is the best; Game A or Game B" people should have a free choice in these threads because usually people don't agree with the original posters choices.

    Links to some of the Guides and FAQs we have

    MyMiniCity FAQ - MMC FAQ and Guide

    Warzone Tower Defense FAQ

    NotPron Full Walkthrough

    Shift2 Full Walkthrough
Thread Status:
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