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Actually, you did. You just edited it out. I have it in a quote in my earlier post. Eye for an eye, and all? That means you'd kill them if they killed someone. Those were your words, even if you want to ignore it.
Well, it wasn't meant to be posted here. It was Just a question to someone else what it was.
So I didn't.


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A question lol

I never said it made it alright. I never said they should let them go. I didn't mean it was all the government's fault. But if that's what they've grown up being told is okay, then don't you think the people and things that helped raise and shape their ideals and beliefs should be held partially accountable, too?
Well, okay But You said (For the other drugs, there's less of an excuse, but still possibly warranting a second chance)But still they are murderers you talking about.


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I know, and I still believe they should be punished. Most of that was off the assumption that you thought they should be killed as well. But for those that feel remorse for their actions, when the killing was accidental or clouded by emotions in the heat of the moment, I don't think they should be permanently exiled from the rest of society. They should be given the opportunity to do their best to make amends, if they show a willingness to do so.

You're right. Some will lie about it to get out, and go back to lives of crime. For something as serious as killing someone, I feel like a second chance is all you'd really deserve. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that would warrant a third chance, because there are lessons that should've been learned the first and second time around.

But when you do drugs, you're never expecting that you're going to kill someone, same as you don't really expect to get into a car accident when you go out driving. Sometimes, the worst things just happen. These people shouldn't necessarily be forced into a life in prison. I still think that dealing with those hardships and having time to reflect on life is necessary, but not for an entire lifetime.

As for the 'cold-blooded killers', the one's that don't feel any remorse for their actions, well... stop and think about it for a minute. If you truly didn't feel any sort of regret for any wrongs you did against anyone throughout your entire life, and through the therapy you were actually able to feel remorse for your actions (I don't know if this is even possible, but for argument's sake), can you imagine how that would make you feel? Can you imagine, an entire lifetime of guilt crashing down on you at once, with the capital sin at the forefront? Everything wrong you'd ever done to anyone, and you killed someone on top of that? If a person were able to undergo such a transformation, and able to survive through their own self-loathing, wouldn't you almost want to give them a second chance? That chance to do better, not just for themselves but for the world?

I almost would.

My own personal beliefs on the matter are somewhat different now than they were at my first post. Thanks to all for the debate.


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read through like half the pages then i gave up but just my two cents on this topic.

Firstly i think to distinguish the severity of the crime, we must first identify whether it was intentional or not.
Secondly every countries degree of tolerance of murder and other crime varies a lot. like in Indonesia, people will get life sentence for smuggling marijuana whilst in Australia, we here sentence people to like 19 years in jail for murder.

Now for me i can't stand to one stand, a part of me wants to see punishment being withheld upon the murderer as their actions have caused consequences that are at most cases irreversible. The impact they would've caused on the family and taking of ones life, how much do you need to do to make up for that?

But obviously, like most of us here agrees people should deserve a second chance, if they choose to accept that chance. I do psychology and a mind can always be changed. Our behaviour our mindset are grounded upon by our life experiences, understandings and environment. No one is a born killer because the only human instincts are survival in terms of food and self defense and reproduction, everything else is learnt.

To change a person completely from a murderer to a normal person that is willing to help requires years of counselling and therapy, that is they have to be willing to change as well. Though it may sound easy, it's almost as if someone came along and told you roses are blue.

I could go on with my arguments further but i feel like im missing some statistics to solidify my arguments so im not going to continue yet. But does anyone know how many people gets sentences for murder and comes out changed?


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Murder: Rape: Crimes against children: and Crimes against animal.
Seriously, such people should be locked up forever! where they can't hurt us

Just Imagine if you met someone on the street, And that person did Murder someone in your family
Would you still think, he did deserves a chance to be out there?

The Jail system we have here in America does not cure people, it's the total opposite, people can change, people make mistakes, we are all human. I know here in Mexico I've seen many of my family get killed but the jail system over there is life and death so nobody cares about killing if you know "you are already dead".


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But does anyone know how many people gets sentences for murder and comes out changed?
I don't know, but it doesn't seems it's doing that well.

Re-offending rate by killers and rapists is higher than we think, says Parole Board head
More killers and rapists are committing another serious crime after they are let out of jail than official figures suggest, the head of the Parole Board has said. Sir David Latham said he was concerned government statistics underplay the extent of reoffending by life sentence prisoners who are released from prison. Prison rules allow murderers, paedophiles and other serious offenders given life sentences to be released once they have served the minimum term set by the court. The Parole Board rules on whether each individual is safe to be let out on licence.

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