What adjectives could be used to describe a humanoid/demonic/divine figure?


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Hello fellow writers,
I find myself a bit stuck, like the title suggests, I'm wondering what adjectives could be used to describe a humanoid/demonic/divine figure?
Mostly, actually, I'm having trouble describing their faces.
I'd appreciate any ideas.

Have a lovely day,


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There are very few descriptions for such a polarity. All those things together would best be described as a human -- since man can be both a demon and a divine being while being in a humanoid form. While describing your character, you should consider his dominate role in your plot, and you can describe him accordingly: an "incomplete angel" could imply a dirtied divine character.

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What's wrong with "fallen angel"? Like the 200 Watchers that fell from grace.


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Usually when describing these sorts of characters you let the reader know that, generally, they look like a human, and you follow with the descriptions of what sets them apart from a standard human. Uniquely-colored eyes are an excellent feature to address, as you can give multiple races certain color variations to their eyes, granting other characters and the readers a little foresight into the lineage of newly met characters without a word of dialogue being spoken. Orange, gold, purple, silver, pure black and red are all common variations, and its easy for the reader to visualize this description when picturing the characters themselves.

Hair would be something else major to consider - you can give them uniquely-colored hair as well, or have it cover their shoulders, arms and chest in a sort of fur, or you could take it away altogether and replace it with something like horns, a halo, or small wings (Hermes-style) on each side of the head.

You can do several things with the mouth; first, consider the teeth - you can give them fangs, like a snake or a vampire, or a full row of jagged teeth. You could grant them several rows of teeth, like a shark, or great huge teeth jutting out from a closed mouth, like a crocodile. Or, they could be normal, pristine and white, dazzling all who behold it. More importantly, demons in particular often possess only the basest and most malign of human emotions: hatred, rage, scorn and spite are all they tend to know. As such, their expressions and demeanor should always match and be known. If you have a chance to describe the teeth, then you have a chance to describe the wicked smirk splaying them. And vice-versa, if you have time to talk about their face twisted in rage, then you have time to mention their daunting fangs gritted against their fury.

Then there's a few things you could do with skin-tone or its composition, or the ears, but that's about all I can think of in terms of describing their face. I can't be any more descriptive without knowing anything about the character or story or anything, so if you wanted me to go a little more in-depth then you'd have to give me something to go off of.

Just one thing I want to add: if you're writing in 3rd person perspective, which is the most common way to do it, then you don't want to describe the person who's perspective it's from unless they're actually assessing their own appearance for a good reason. You could offhandedly mention something about brushing away a lock of silver hair from their face or something, but there's no way you could address the color of their eyes when he's the one telling the story, essentially.

Either way, good luck with your story. Keep on writing.
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