What are your favorite character of Naruto?

What's your favorite characters of Naruto?

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What are you guys favorite characters of Naruto?

if so, pls post em and if you can, add some description of it why its your favorite.

My favorites:

Haku - He has the jutsu I like, but I hear his sadden story about his family.
Deidara - I dunno why, he got some awesome powers.
Sasuke - I like his Curse Mark, and Chidori, well they're awesome.
Orochimaru - His specialty of summoning jutsus are snakes, and they're my favorite!
Sakura - She's often funny when she get mad with Naruto (lol).
Iruka - He's an academy teacher OF Squad 7, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura, and also its hilarious when Naruto do something bad, as Iruka gets mad at him. I also read that when Iruka was a kid, he was like Naruto to get people notice him.. (lol) by pranks.
Kakashi - I like the way when he do the secret hidden finger jutsu to Naruto: A THOUSAND YEARS OF DEATH!

Wow, gee I have favorites of these characters. Anyway, we'd love to hear about your favorites! :D


The Undead Ranger.
neji, 64 strike 128 strike w.e lol

stops chakra from flowing

no chakra = screwed

unless your naruto and you depend on a nine tails to give you power.
I don't watch/like Naruto that much, to me the best ones are Rurouni Kenshin, the original Dragon Ball and of course my most fav anime, Alice Academy!

I've watched naruto in bits, I liked Kakashi and his sharingan, he could duplicate any jutsu of his opponents!

Naruto's always funny but determined and powerful, Sasuke always goes ahead of him!


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How can u make the Poll without placing Hinata :eek::eek::eek:! She is like the girl with the coolest powers from all the girls. I forgot to select NEJI. All in all , Byakugan rocks. i also like TenTen very much, she is almost Chinese and she is underapreciated in the series


The poll questions maximum was 13, thats why i can't add more. :(

I like Byakugan, too. :)


Staff member
I selected Other, for Tobi

One of the most smartest ninjas of the series with the most ironic personality :p


Hard to believe that Tobi is wearing a pumpkin mask or something, lol.

Any favorites characters? :)


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Kakashi should've been on the list from the start. He's always been one of the most popular ones.


Cookie Be Awesome!
Jiraiya: Boobies FTW!
Orochimaru: He's cool and sinister, plus he has a cool background story.
Shikimaru: Manages to kill opponents with wits and 1 jutsu rather then using tons of techniques. I love that
Kakashi: He's plain ownage, nuff said ^-^


Don't Ever Categorize Yourself.

because... I like Huge and Realistic Looking Sword and the Boomerang Part.
+he can drown people I hate in a water bubble.


Setting sail for fail in the sea of lame.
I'm a leetle surprised Gaara's not on anyone's list. I really like him. He's kinda prepubescent-looking but he's just so badass when he gets going.


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madara is the best i mean he summoned the nine tailed fox and after all he is the real leader of the akatasuki he's also said to have been in total controll of the fox after he summoned it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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