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  1. midnight8

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    Other than the nuon what else do you guys collect for and what system do you play the most.

    I collect all atari stuff along with sega. I have a little nintendo stuff but never really liked the nintendo stuff until the 64. I probably play my atari 5200 the most.
  2. K3V

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    I don't collect much anymore, but I do have a complete collection of Atari Jaguar games, and all the US Virtual Boy games. Otherwise it's just a bunch of random games and systems, nothing really noteworthy.
  3. Xentorians

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    Ive been collecting for quite a while now, I dont have a complete set of anything just a whole buncha stuff from early computers/consoles to modern stuff. I hate to consider myself a collector, it's all just stuff i wanted to play like the next gaming system. Sometimes i wish I never had gathered together so much stuff lol. Anyhow, this will give me the opportunity of posting a trade list ive put together. Here goes:

    Hello, Im looking to trade a few of my extra things ive got lying around.

    Ive got:
    A complete Turbo-duo system in terrific shape, plays originals and backups flawlessly
    A TG16CD set with controller missing the power adapter
    PAL Amiga CD32 system missing power adapter otherwise complete
    3DO Panasonic front loader system complete
    NUON enhanced Toshiba SD2300 DVD player with game controller, no remote, plays game and movie backups
    BOXED gamecube DDR Mario mix with mat
    Commodore VIC-20 computer system complete and boxed
    BOXED Atari Jaguar system complete
    MODDED black US Sega Saturn - plays ANY backup or original game flawlessly - You do need to patch your japan or EU ISO's to play them or use a Action replay cart or any other region enabling cart
    EYE-TREK widescreen HMD's <-VR headset fantastic!
    PS2-PS3 Olympus EYE-TREK HMD <--VR headset fantastic!
    Stella Gets A New Brain CD (mint) and manual for Atari StarPath
    Supercharger <-- this is FANTASTIC for any vintage atari fan - A really really nice gentleman has these Stella cd's in stock (originally developed by an old group called Cyberpunks) for the atari 2600, he also makes custom 2600 carts, visit his website at www.hozervideo.com
    Philips Scuba HMD <-- piece of junk but a cool collector's item if your into that sorta thing
    XBOX360 Wireless adapter

    i'll update this list sometime as i have other things that dont come to mind right away
    I'm easy to deal with and these things dont mean a whole lot to me as Ive got replacements.
    I am not going to sell any of this junk on Ebay for the time being. However if youde like to check some feedback my Ebay name is Ralph2k5. all the items Ive listed work absolutely perfect and are in a condition at least satisfactory to me, I wouldnt have it if it didn't.

    Its a long-shot but i'de like to trade for:

    FM Towns Marty 2 game system boxed possibly
    Tabletop mini arcades
    IO-Display system HMD
    Vectrex Light Pen or 3D Imaging glasses
    Vectrex Multicarts
    Famicom with disk drive
    Intellivision Cuttlecart-Multicart
    Atari 7800 Cuttlecart-Multicart
    Laseractive CLD-A100 NEC module or LD games
    laseractive 3-D goggles
    Viewmaster Reel collections
    MSX computer
    Memorex VIS system
    Palcom MSX system
    Amstrad GX4000
    Any other interesting offer
  4. Orion1024

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    Other than NUON, mainly the Jaguar. I've got a variety of stuff including a Dreamcast, N64, Virtual Boy, Vectrex, Atari 7800 & 2600, Amiga, etc. My most prized collectibles are the NUONs and my sealed collection of Atari Supercharger games 1-7 (8 -10 are open, unfortunately). Those are my babies! I love my Jaguars...they're just not as rare. Most played vintage system would probably be the NUON since it's the only one I've got the room to set up :D
  5. Prometheus

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    I've got an old NES laying on my closet floor.
  6. doctorclu

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    I collected all that involves Bubsy Bobcat, and sadly I might have a complete collection. I have a Genesis, SNES, Gameboy, Playstation and PC computer just to play the games.

    Of course all this started on the Jaguar, which I have a good collection for. This was started since I've collected Atari stuff, starting with the Atari 8 bit computer. I currently collect for all systems, except for the Atari ST. For all Atari console systems except for the Lynx I have a flash solution.

    For the Nuon I need a N501 and Tetris.

    And for the Dreamcast.. someday I hope to find a serial cable. :)
  7. Stephen

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    I'd say that 99% of my collection is Atari stuff. This list is off the top of my head:

    The old stuff first

    Console Stuff:
    Touch Me
    2 Video Pinball (ugly beige style)
    Stunt Cycle
    Super Pong
    Video Music (the holy grail of my collection - it's in the original box!)
    2600 Heavy Sixer (USA built 1st run)
    2600 Light Sixer
    2600 4-switch Woody
    2600 Jr
    5200 2 port
    5200 4 port
    7800 (with expansion port)
    Lynx 2
    2 Jaguar
    2 Jaguar CD

    Computer Stuff
    400 (16K with membrane keyboard)
    2 800 (one 48K, one 32K)
    1200XL (USA built staying unmodded)
    1200XL (Taiwan built, current mods are 32-in-1 OS, 512KB RAM, more mods to come)
    2 800XL (both unmodded)
    130XE (my original from 87 still cosmetically mint. Has 32-in-1 OS, 320KB RAM, SuperVid mod, keyboard upgrade)
    130XE (stock NTSC, cheap EBay spare in ugly condition)
    130XE (PAL model. Currently stock, mods planned)
    520ST (with built in 3.5 floppy)
    1040ST (with built in 3.5 floppy)
    A whole lot of peripherals for the computers. I won't list it all, but a Panasonic 24-pin dot-matrix printer, numerous printer interfaces, disk drives, modems, print buffers, XEP80, SIO2PC, flash carts, boxes of controllers

    The console stuff is barely used, but my 130XE is hooked up and used almost daily to go online.

    "Modern" stuff
    1st gen PSX (mod chip and s-vid connector added)
    Toshiba Nuon DVD player
    Samsung DVD-N501 Nuon DVD player
    XBOx (mod chip, custom case, 250GB HD - it's my media player)
    XBox 360

    Stephen Anderson
  8. doctorclu

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    Not a bad collection at all. You look like you have the collection I used to have before I consolidated to what would get me by.

    And the modern systems, you know, I would not have a Ps2 if not for Guitar Hero. :) The Dreamcast... I forget why I got that. Amazing, more modern game systems have come into my possession for no particular reason except that they were VERY available.

    Of course the same could be said for the 5200, which I was not crazy about at first but someone dumped in my lap.
  9. midnight8

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    the 5200 is one of my favorite systems especially since I rigged a couple new controllers up. I can't wait for the guys that are orking on tempest to get done. Hopefully they do it.
  10. doctorclu

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    Well in the meantime I guess they could always port "Livewire".

    The 5200 is a nice system in the QUALITY of games they have. I didn't realize this until I joined the Atariage High Score Club. In the Atari 800 HSC I find myself really liking maybe one game every third or fourth competition. There are a lot of games I don't know, and some that are just weird. But the 800 has a huge selection.

    The 5200 has a much smaller selection, but they are simplier arcade classics, so I generally DISLIKE one game in three or four. ;)

    I have been lucky enough to get a 7800 redemption module for the 5200 (in retrospect I would have gone with the Sega one) and I have an Atarimax 128 in 1 USB cart. Nice stuff. The 5200 is now on the same desk area as my Atari 800, ready for game play.

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