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Congress is moving closer to passing a bill that to keep the government running, but it hasn't crossed the finish line yet.

The Senate should pass a bill to keep the government open for a few months on Friday, after taking a series of procedural votes -- including a vote to strip out language to defund Obamacare. At that point, it will go back to the House, where Republican leaders must decide whether to accept the legislation as it stands or amend it again. Whatever they decide, the Senate and House must come to an agreement on one bill before Tuesday, otherwise the federal government partially shuts down.

"I've made it clear now for months and month and months," House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Thursday. "We have no interest in seeing a government shutdown. But we've got to address the spending problems that we have in this town. And so there will be options available to us. There's not going to be any speculation about what we're going to do or not do until the Senate passes their bill."

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Good ^
Anyway...... You the poor and the elderly "would suffer pretty much."
That is the reason why science would not benefit from it? Doesnt sound like any kind of arguement at all.
Yeah. Caves are so much more clean. Go live there and please never come back to the internet. Its a bad place, full of SCIENCE!
Hmm Can you give us a recipe? If you Dare?

1 firm set of knuckles
1 face (mouths are best, ideally open)

Rapidly and firmly apply set of knuckles directly into face.

You have yourself a knuckle sandwich.

Interesting fact: the knuckle sandwich was first created by God when Eve stole one of his apples. Ever since, women have been expected to make sandwiches as retribution.
Interesting fact:

There used to be a saying that God's apple stands for God's virginity, and that Eve stole God's virginity, thus God punishes both Adam (for not preventing Eve to cheat) and Eve (for cheating with God).
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