What is JASS (and how to learn it)?

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What is JASS?
JASS is the scripting language used by WC3 maps and AI scripts. When you use the editor to place units, 'regions', destructables, items, weather effects, sounds and that stuff, The editor converts the information into JASS scripts, you can also JASS directly in the trigger editor if you use 'Convert to Custom Text' (from the edit menu) or if you use the custom script section (the top of the list of the triggers has the map's name, if you click there you can see/edit the custom script section).

A common myth is that everything can be done in JASS. This is not true at all, JASS has many limitations.

How do I use JASS? Do I need a special program?
No, all you need is the world editor. To use JASS just select a trigger you want to use it in and go to Edit - Convert To Custom Text. Of course you probably want to read one of the tutorials (links below) and learn about it before you actually try anything.

Vexorian's original thread (contains more info about jass, myths and the advantages of using it)

Basic JASS tutorials:
Other Useful Links:
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